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Adam4Adam Review

Adam4Adam Review
About Site
Active Audience 67%
Quality Matches 92%
Popular Age 25-30
Profiles 20 000
Reply Rate 91%
Ease of Use 7.9
Popularity 9
Fraud Very Rarely
Registration Free
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Pros and Cons

  • The platform, unlike other competitors, allows free users to access a broader range of features and services. It makes the free package of Adam4Adam more attractive than its counterparts.
  • The interface is user friendly, and new members will find it easy to navigate and use the service.
  • This simple design and ease of use have spurred a well-suited growth rate on the website.
  • There are many available choices for users to filter their preferences when searching for a partner. It creates a more focused website that allows its users to search for their ideal partner down to the last "T." 
  • The site has a problem with the numerous fake profiles present. It creates a bit of a problem because it enables a lack of trust on the website and may discourage newer users from signing up for the service.

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If you are new to online dating for queers and are looking for a website that will fill your needs, then you are in the right place. There aren’t as many websites that cater to their niche of incredible users on the internet, so newbies are usually skeptical about joining such services. If you are one of these greenhorns, then you are in the right place. We will cover all you need to know before you commit to Adam4Adam. We will also talk about all the topics we feel are vital for you to know before you dive right in. Without much deliberation, here is our comprehensive review on the Adam4Adam website. We do hope you find all that you need to start your journey in the online dating world.

How Does It Work?

How Does It Work?

The platform is an online avenue for gay individuals to meet and have flings and dates. The website began offering its service in 2003 and has continued to serve the online queer community since then. The service is a self-proclaimed leader/pioneer in the gay online dating scene.

The platform is home to millions of users around the world who engage with the website daily. Adam4Adam has free features that are accessible to all members, and this is powered by the money it gets from the ads it runs on the platform. It also gets revenue from donations, movies, and other side businesses it runs. All these have made it easier for the platform to lessen the burden of finance on users and focus on delivering more value for time spent on the website.

The website covers a wide variety of people from the queer community, including gays, metrosexuals, bisexuals, and all other subgroups. There is also no age barrier to joining the website, and as long as you’re above the legal age, you are free to join. All cultures and ethnicities are welcome to register an account. Simply put, Adam4Adam is an open online community that hopes to embrace all users and create an environment where they can be themselves.

Sign-Up & Login Process

Login Process

The signup process for Adam4Adam is simple and straightforward. The first thing you will need to do is submit an email address, a username, and a password. The email address you submit must be a valid one so you can receive any necessary information. Under the signup form, you will need to accept terms and conditions for the website. Tick the box to accept that you are of legal age, and you accept the platform’s terms and conditions. Once this is done, you can proceed to the next part of your sign up process.

The second step is filling out your profile. User profiles contain essential information about them. Some of this information includes your age, photo, and location. You will also need to verify your age, terms and conditions, and 120 free credits that you can use in accessing video chat with other users. These verifications will be done by ticking the verification box. Once this is done, your account is set for use, and you can begin searching for potential matches and partners. There is an option to verify your account through email, but this is not mandatory. An email confirmation is not necessary to interact with other people on the website or use your account. You can continue using all functions on the platforms without verifying your email address.

Profile Interface

Profile Interface

The user profile contains all relevant information that will be useful in finding a match for yourself. These details include your location, lifestyle status, physique/appearance, status or relationship, sexual disposition, and any other relevant information.

There is a section of the profile dedicated to professional information. Here, users can input all the information about their work and what they do for a living. In this section, there is an empty field where other users can write and send messages.

The photo section requires that users submit two photos. The primary photo is displayed on your profile, and any user looking through your profile will be able to view it. The primary app photo is a secondary photo that can be used as a substitute in the app. These secondary photos are usually more explicit as users do not need to follow the guidelines of facial photos recommended for primary photos. Primary photos are not allowed to show any genitalia, butts, or nudity.

Although, when we conducted our research for this review, we noticed that some platforms violated this rule as they had sexual organs and other private and nude photos. It seems that the enforcement of this rule is pretty loose; hence members do not strictly adhere to these rules.

Although users have their main profile, they can create a separate profile if they are visiting that city for a brief period.



The platform has an extensive list of filters that can be used for search. It enables users to narrow down their search when looking for a partner. It makes finding a match easier and more powerful. To use the search option, you can search for generic terms that cover a broad range of users or specific terms that will resonate with a narrow subset of users. The free version of Adam4Adam gives users the option of saving three searches. You extend this option to 10 searches. You will need to switch to a paid membership.

Users on the free version of the platform have ten days to hold on to connections before they are wiped. So any conversations that are not active after ten days are automatically deleted. Paid users have this time extended to 30 days (one month) before these conversations are deleted. Although conversations can be stored and paid members can store as much as 200 messages while unpaid members can store as much as 20 conversations.

Members Structure and Activities

Members Structure

Most users of the website reside in the US while the minority are scattered around the world. The platform records high activity from its users who are engaged in various nations on the website. There seem to be more people interested in flings rather than serious relationships on the website. Statistics show that the percentage of white people on the app is 47% while the rest are of other races. It makes the platform among the most diverse queer dating apps in existence today.

Users Age

The recommended age for joining the website is the legal age of adulthood. Minors are not allowed to join this website because the website is meant for adults only. The range of users on the site, therefore, starts from 18-55. The highest age ranges on the website are 25-34 and 55+.

Sexual Preferences

All members of the queer community are welcome to join the platform. It is a safe space for them to meet and mingle with others who share their sexual orientations and dispositions. Therefore there are metrosexual, bi-sexual, gay, and all other non-heterosexual preference on the platform.

Race And Ethnicity

The platform is diverse and has numerous races present on the platform. There is no discrimination regarding races or ethnicity, and this enables more diverse queers to feel at home on the platform. There are more non-white people on the platform, and this goes to show that all colors and races are welcome.

Religious Orientation

There is no barrier to a religious orientation on the website. No matter your orientation, you are allowed to use the platform conveniently and without prejudice. It is consistent with the platform’s promise to be a haven for users who want to find their soulmates or have flings.

Adam4Adam Dating Website Features

Adam4Adam Dating Website Features

Different features are designed for users on the platform. Each of these features enhances the sexual nature of the website. Here are some of the features on the Adam4Adam platform:

The online cams are available for users of the site. Members can watch other members on their streams and can also video chat using the same live cam features. To use this feature, users will need to create a separate video account, and it will cost other users to view these videos. It is one of the essential features of the site.

There is a sex shop on the website where toys can be bought. The shop also has other sexual apparatus that can be purchased by members of the platform.

There are pornographic movies available for watching on the website. These videos can be accessed in three distinct ways, including:

  1. Pay as you watch feature that calculates how much time users have spent on a movie and bills them for it. It is done through time packages that can be bought on the website.
  2. Users can also rent movies which will be continually available for 24 hours before they have to be rented again. Users that have rented a movie can watch it for as long as they want while it is still in their possession.
  3. The third and final way for users to watch movies is through downloads, and users will have access to the movie for one month. Note that varying charges apply for this option.

The Underwear club is a fun and engaging part of being a member of the Adam4Adam website. Members of this club get sent a new pair of underwear at four-week intervals. The price for this service is $10.00 for the initial payment.

Using the trip feature, you can tell other users where you will be heading to next. That makes it easy for you to plan dates with users in the area.

The party ad feature can be used to create announcements for four upcoming events. You can advertise for as much as one month before the ad is taken down by the platform.

The platform offers health counseling to its users by connecting them to health practitioners who can advise them on the right steps to take towards practicing safe sex.

Safety & Security


The platform is safe and secure. It uses the best security measures to ensure that users on the website do not have any problems when they interact with the website. The privacy policy ensures that minors are unable to use the service, and users’ data are well protected.

Is Adam4Adam Legit Or Scam Service?

The website is a legitimate entity. It is not a scam, and since its inception, it has helped users find their matches around the world. The site operates in the niche area of queer dating and hopes to serve this community to the best of its ability.

Subscription Types and Price


The platform is moderately priced, and it has two paid packages. The first is the VIP Access, and this costs $10.00 per month. The second package is the VIP Access+, and this costs $30.00 per month. This paid membership comes with different perks, including unlimited friends and blocklists. Users will find this very suitable for their needs as it enhances their overall experience.

Free Membership

The free membership offers users access to chat, viewing profiles, and many other services on the platform. Adam4Adam operates a freemium model as it allows users to use base features for free but gives them more accessibility at a premium price.

The paid membership is worth every penny. It grants users access to features that will make using the app a better experience. Paying members will have access to:

  • An expanded gallery for more photos to be added.
  • All Ads removed.
  • Paid users get priority support from the support team.
  • Paid users have a verified profile, and this stands as a test of authenticity when other users see their profile. It ensures that users can quickly identify real accounts, and they will be more open to discussing and starting a conversation if they find the profile interesting.

Website Design and Usability

Website Design

The website isn’t as superb as we expected it to be, and it leaves a lot of questions unanswered. For a dating platform, we feel there is a lot more that should have been done in terms of design. However, connecting people is higher on the priority list for the platform.

The Ads are scattered on the platform’s pages for free users to engage, and these ads mostly contain explicit or porno content. The site is easy to use as it prioritizes function over aesthetics. The design opts for a simple representational mode instead of a more complicated mix of UI and UX design to bring about an interface masterpiece. Simply put, the platform employs a design structure that does the barest minimum to be enough and never tries to do so much.

Mobile Application

Mobile Application

The app isn’t as stacked as its website counterpart. It lacks some functionality and design attributes that make the website stand out. Although we realize it isn’t always easy to migrate a website into a mobile app, this version of the service is not so compatible. It could easily be a bad experience for a user coming from the site. The interface is difficult, and the buttons are tedious to use. It feels like all the features have been stuffed into the phone without proper planning.

Although not much can be said about the app, its mobile cousin on the mobile web is a better iteration of the desktop app. It makes it feel comfortable to use, and it contains many of the features of the platform, unlike the app. In general, users will enjoy using the mobile browser more than they will enjoy the app. As a recommendation, opt to use the service on your mobile browser instead of the app if you want a seamless experience you can enjoy.

Contact Information

If you would like to get in touch with the Adam4Adam co any, here are the details you’ll need, and they include:

Company: A4A Network

Address: 500, place d’Armes suite 1800 Montreal Quebec H2Y 2W2

Phone: Not available

E-mail: Supoort@Adam4Adam.com



If you are a member of the gay community looking for love or a Fling, this platform will be great for you. In this review, we have covered all you need to know before signing up for the service online. We hope you are ready to mingle and find a partner suitable for you.

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