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AmateurMatch Review

AmateurMatch Review
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Active Audience 62%
Quality Matches 82%
Popular Age 25-45
Profiles 890 670
Reply Rate 79%
Ease of Use 8.8
Popularity 9.4
Fraud Very Rarely
Registration Free
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Pros and Cons

  • Find New People: The AmateurMatch website promises to help them interact with real-time people and find new partners for either friendship or dating or simple casual hookups.
  • Find Casual Or Committed Relationships: The online dating portal will have many users and diverse people to get in touch with if they are looking for a casual relationship or even a committed relationship. The person has to be transparent about their requirements, and they can find out the match they are looking for according to their preferences.
  • No Restrictions: Based on AmateurMatch reviews claimed by users, the website does not seem to levy any restrictions that the users might have to consider before they start chatting with someone else. Unless and until the user is involved in a scam, they shouldn't be worried about anything else. One can chat with any number of people through any communication mode with no restrictions on the gender of a user, or social status.
  • Easy To Use: The website makes it easier to handle and go through the features.
  • Fake Usernames: One can find some users trying to fake their profiles to attract other users, involve them in some sort of scams, and take benefits out of it. The uses had to be careful about revealing their sensitive details to the users on this website.
  • Illicit Media: The website allows the users to share illicit media with no restriction, which can cause emotional imbalance if younger people see it.
  • Less Real Time Users: The AmateurMatch reviews and ratings on the platforms have made several users come in light with whom the legit users have to be careful.

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AmateurMatch is an online adult dating website that allows its users to interact with an audience willing to get in touch with a stranger both for dating and one casual intimate encounter. However, the reality behind the website is something different. A website is a place for finding people who are ready for casual hookups. Friendship and dating are nowhere related to what the website serves. Here’s a detailed review of the AmateurMatch website.

How does AmateurMatch Website work?

The website only focuses on connecting people through social media and within the portal. The user will be registering on the website primarily and filling in some basic details about themselves to start chatting with other people. While the basic details requested will suffice to showcase the algorithms’ preferences to work efficiently, it is at the discretion of the user to reveal more details about their preferences in their bio section.

The AmateurMatch website will be performing the algorithms required and matching the users based on their preferences. The user has the power to choose to continue talking to someone or take the relationship further. However, the privacy policies and all the protection promised by the website would only be applicable within the portal. Anything that happens during the meeting or simply not, the portal will not be concerning the company.

AmateurMatch Sign-up And It’s Log-in Process

AmateurMatch Sign-up And It’s Log-in Process

The AmateurMatch website expects only a few minutes for the signup and login process. As for the registration, the user will be clicking on the register option and entering some necessary details about themselves. These details will include the username, which is unique to the ID, email address, name of the individual, location, and birth date for age verification. The relationship status and sexual preferences must also be given in the basic set of details requested. After entering all the necessary information, the email addresses must be verified with the link sent to the entered email address. It is to be noted that one email address cannot be used for two different accounts. After the email verification, the user can log in to the account and start browsing for the profiles online.

The users will be entering their email address or username and password to enter the website for the login process. If they would like to change the password or forgot your password, the “forgot password” option is available for them to make appropriate changes. While this is sufficient for the user to look through as many profiles as possible and find out matches according to their preferences, more features can only be explored with premium membership.

Profile Interface Of AmateurMatch Dating Website

The website’s interface is relatively easy and primarily is designed for the social networking service and connecting people through a similar methodology. This makes surfing through the website more accessible for users since they can see through multiple social media websites. The profile they look for will display the necessary information like their name, age, location, relationship status, and sexual preferences. The user might also be able to view the other user’s pictures if they have posted any. Any recent updates made on the profile will also be shown at first glance. There is an AmateurMatch review section that can be used by the user to rate the website and find out what other users think of the same.

Matches and Communication Process

Finding the best match on AmateurMatch can become easier until the user shares their preferences transparently. Showing various profiles for the selection process is the job of the algorithm of the dating website. However, starting the conversation entirely is dependent on the user, and so is impressing the partner. One can send out better pick up lines to start the communication process, making it attractive for the other users to respond. Since it is a dating website, the users who have been in the portal for a long tend to get more messages than the newbies. Though the user might not know how long the profile has been on the website, it is always advisable to initiate a conversation with a decent message or sentence that might respond from the user.

While the communication is as simple as any other dating website, considering the user has to click on the profile and find out the chat option and start a conversation with them, there is no restriction for the user to not chat with as many profiles as possible like. The user can also participate in group chats and forums if required, and according to the AmateurMatch reviews given by the users, one can find some fake profiles on the portal. It is advisable not to share any personal and sensitive credentials like the finance details before getting to know the person.

Members Structure And Activities Of This Dating Website

Members Structure And Activities Of This Dating Website

The online survey says that AmateurMatch website had 540 million active users in 2018, and the registration count was around 100,000 to 120,000 per day. According to the reviews, there are about 100 million active users on AmateurMatch, out of which about 63 percent are women and the remaining men. The daily login count, more or less, is 60,000. Mostly popular in the US, it also has a far and broad base in the UK, Asia, and the Middle East. Most of the website users are between 25-35 years, making it crowded with the younger ones who are mostly looking for casual dating and no commitments.

Minimum Users Age Requirement

The minimum age restrictions are just as same as any other dating website, and that is a strict set of community guidelines that need to be followed regarding the age restriction. The premium features are available for paid users only.

Options For The Sexual Preferences

The AmateurMatch website provides all the freedom to its users to be open about their sexual preferences, and there is no restriction as to what they can chat with the other person. The user could be homosexual, heterosexual, bisexual, and their preferences could be any of the about and beyond the list. They are free to share it on the portal and invite applications that are compatible with their choices.

Race And Ethnicity Policy

Moreover, AmateurMatch website does not have any race or ethnicity problems. Though there is no particular policy that stays against race or ethnicity, general guidelines for discrimination within the website have been displayed. Any discriminatory action, if found out, should be reported to the site moderator.

Religious Orientation Followed By The AmateurMatch

The website does not have any religious orientation preferences as search, and people of all religions and clans have gathered in this database. Also, the users do not ask for sensitive details like religions and related practices to ensure they are comfortable. Again, there is a broad set of community guidelines and terms regarding the sharing of sensitivity tests that need to be followed by every user.

AmateurMatch Dating Website Features

The website has some advanced features, and the team has ensured that the features are interactive for the clients to enjoy. The website is specifically designed for user convenience, starting from the video interaction to group chats and other picture sharing features.

Safety & Security Of This Dating Site

Safety & Security Of This Dating Site

According to the AmateurMatch website privacy policy, it will disclose the user’s necessary details to the other users looking for matches on the website. The financial information or other registration requirements will not be showcased. The necessary information that will be revealed to the other user will be confirmed to the user who has registered now, after which it will be displayed in public. It is at the discretion of the user that the details are shared among the crowd.

The website does not ask for any financial details on the chat, and premium members will be registering on the portal by themselves.

Is AmateurMatch Legit Or Scam Service?

The website provides sufficient safety measures to ensure there is no scam happening within the portal. The team also provides facilities for the users to raise complaints against any scam happening in the portal or find any suspicious profiles asking for financial details or any sensitive details.

One can also find success stories of matches being made and some interesting love stories ending up in weddings, good friendships, and so on in the review section. Regardless of these, it is the individual’s responsibility to ensure they are not being scammed, and they should take safety measures like not revealing their sensitive details.

Subscription Types And Price

The site has both free and premium memberships, with the price of the second one of $29.95 for one month.

Free membership Exciting Features To Look Upon

The user will take a trial to access the platform without paying membership. Most choices are not accessible for free membership. Any of which can be appreciated are:

  • Build a profile
  • Favorites collection selection
  • Send friendship requests
  • Look at AmateurMatch and use the primary search option.
  • To message others, using icebreakers.
Paid Membership Exciting Features To Look Upon

AmateurMatch allows the user to obtain the premium status:

  • View the other users’ profiles and photos
  • Public galleries connection
  • Send the friendship request.
  • Go on top of the quest for other users.
  • All search filters are available.
  • Give and get free email and paid cards.
  • Starting discussions with everyone
  • Watch images and using a camera (see live streams and shows)

Credit cards (Visa, Master Card), money orders, or cheques are the payment options AmateurMatch works with. The users have to sign in to delete the password or cancel the paid AmateurMatch subscription. The next move is to identify the configurations and the support service telephone number. The contract is canceled by calling the specific phone number.

Website Design And Usability Features To Look

When a user opens the app, it first comes to mind: a bright, pleasant atmosphere with nice visuals. AmateurMatch is designed to set the imagination of the user off. The accessibility is limited but adequate to satisfy the specifications built for this location. It can’t talk about sophisticated solutions, but it fits fine and bugs safe.

A simple, user-friendly platform is an AmateurMatch web page. The better choice is to talk content, which helps other users display text and content concurrently with technological characteristics. Additionally, there is an advanced search method built for paying account users.

AmateurMatch Does Not Come With A Mobile Application

AmateurMatch Does Not Come With A Mobile Application

The website is only available on a desktop. AmateurMatch does not come with mobile application features.

Contact information

Help officers handle all grievances and demands for the seamless operation of AmateurMatch. The preference of applicants depends on the form of membership. The leaders of Premium are first looking after. The website provides a contact section for the most critical questions. Answers are accessible.

Email: mail@AmateurMatch.com, abuse@AmateurMatch.com


If the user hates to beat around the bush and don’t waste time chatting, AmateurMatch is the spot. If one is on a holiday or a busy day, have no time to meet anyone, turn the camera on and encourage AmateurMatch to work the stuff out for the user. It is a platform for enjoyment and stereotyping. It is not a shame or an explanation of the wishes. Users know why they’re here and what the users don’t have to write. Most likely, the match will find the user before they blink.

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