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Amor en Linea Review

Amor en Linea Review
About Site
Active Audience 83%
Quality Matches 92%
Popular Age 20-23
Profiles 1 800 000
Reply Rate 90%
Ease of Use 9.8
Popularity 9.2
Fraud Very Rarely
Registration Free
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Pros and Cons

  • Free to use in all its features
  • Availability of mobile apps. You can log anywhere and at any time.
  • Large membership and active users
  • Strict verification is done through the email address and via photos
  • Provides every kind of dating including short time, casual and longtime relationships
  • It comes with different language preferences.
  • Being free, it contains a lot of ads, making navigation and use difficult.
  • Not functional in all regions
  • Limited features. There are no video chats and webcams.

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Amor en Linea is an online dating platform designed for individuals who are looking for friendship, love, or romance. It is a site designed to connect members to other like-minded individuals depending on someone’s likes and preferences.

The website contains different types of singles from all world regions who use this platform to find other like-minded partners. You can use Amor en Linea dating platform on the website or via mobile apps available for free to both Android and iPhone users.

Amor en Linea is owned by the Oasis Dating Network, a dating company with other famous online dating platforms. These include Oasis UK, Oasis.com, Tata Date, among other platforms.

You can become a member by registering either using an email address or through Facebook signup. It will alert you of the number of users who are logged in and provide photos of potential matches on its homepage. There are also success stories of members who met through this platform.

Over 150,000 members join this platform to search for their like-minded partners, either for casual dates, short-term or long-term relationships. Join this review to find out more about how it works, its members, features, and other useful information. Let’s first get to its pros and cons, shall we?

How Amor en Linea Operates

Amor en Linea Review: What Would You Like To Know?

Amor en Linea works by connecting male and female singles to their like-minded partners through its platform. To become a member of this site, you need to register and have an account.

After creating an account, you can use the search filters to find your preferred potential matches. There are two types of filters on this site. The basic search filters include location, age, distance, and also the online status. The advanced search filters involve seeking individuals by their body features, appearance, and even personality. Search options are free to all users. Once you find your preferred profiles, you can like their profiles to create a match.

There are different ways you can respond to likes. You can either like back to create a match, ignore or click maybe. Ignoring means you have rejected the match. When you click maybe, you can revisit the profile later to like back or to reject.

You are required to respond to a like within three days. After that, the process gets canceled. Messaging is the only communication feature available on this site. It comes as a pop-up before being stored at the top right corner. You can chat with different members; create a conversation, as you plan on how to meet.

Amor en Linea Sign-Up & Login Process

To be a member of this site and use its features, you need to register and create a user account. The registration process is straightforward and takes a very short time to complete. You can register using an email address or use the Facebook signup process, which is easy and fast.

When registering through Facebook, you are required to link your signup page to your Facebook account. The website then captures most of the information from the account, and then you manually add a few details to your account.

Email registration is a bit manual. To register through it, the below information is required:

  • Your gender and the gender you are looking for: options include a man looking for a woman, a woman interested in men, a man involved in other men, or a woman interested in another woman.
  • Username: you need to provide a unique username in this section.
  • Password: a password of between 5 to 20 characters is required to secure your account.
  • Email address: you are required to provide a valid email address. This will also be used to verify and approve your account.
  • Date of Birth: your date of birth is required in this section. This also confirms if you have attained the minimum required age of 18 years.

After providing the above details, you can create your account and go straight to update your profile.

Profile Interface

Amor en Linea Review: What Would You Like To Know?

After registering, you are required to provide profile information. Profiles on this website are a bit detailed, and users are encouraged to offer as many details as possible to get matches quickly. The below details are required to have a complete profile:

  • About me: you are required to give a brief description of yourself in this section.
  • What I am looking for: this section requires users to provide details on the kind of matches they are looking for.
  • My Identity: In this section, users must provide details concerning their religion, body features, religion, and ethnicity, among other features.
  • Lifestyle and personality: this section requires members to provide details about how they live, occupation, education levels, lifestyles, hobbies, interests, and other characters. You are required to provide as much information as possible to get a quality match.
  • Interests: you are required to provide your hobbies and interests in this section. These might include movies, camping, cycling, singing, watching TV, among other benefits.
  • Photos: This requires users to upload their photos. Photos are required to be decent and should not show any form of nudity.

Account verification is done via a link through the email address used to register. You are required to click on the link to verify your account. Account verification is done immediately after confirming the link on your email address. After this process, you can search, match, and communicate with your potential dating partners.


Amor en Linea Review: What Would You Like To Know?

Amor en Linea members are required to use the search filters to find their preferred matches. You can use the basic search filters as well as the advanced search filters. All search filters are free to use. You can like someone by clicking on the yes button available at the top of their profile.

After getting your preferred matches, you can send them likes to create a match. You can also accept likes from other members to make a connection. Received likes can be loved back, ignored, or clicked by tapping on the question mark.

Once you get a match, you can send each other’s messages to create a conversation. You can only chat with users you have made a connection with. Messages only pop up when you are online. When you are offline, you won’t receive the message until when you log back.

To avoid members contacting you, you can update your profile to read, “Do not allow members to contact me if they don’t match my criteria above.” This feature makes members who do not meet your criteria unable to contact you or send flirts.

Members Structure and Activities

There are over 150,000 new users every day in Amor en Linea dating platform. This makes it to be one of the popular Oasis websites with a large membership. This large membership can be classified into different groups, as shown below:

  • Users age
  • Sexual preferences
  • Race and Ethnicity
  • Religious Orientation

Users Age

Amor en Linea Review: What Would You Like To Know?

Being an adult website, members on this platform are teenagers above 18 years of age and also mature adults. The majority of users on this website are the youth, aged between 20 to 30 years of age. You can find users as young as 18 years and as mature as 50 years of age.

Sexual Preferences

Amor en Linea contains all types of sexual orientations. When registering, on the first options, members are required to choose their gender and what they are looking for. Part of the options includes men looking for women, women looking for men, men looking for men, and also women looking for other women.

This means the website accepts all types of sexual orientations, including straight members, gays, lesbians, bisexuals, transsexuals, and the queer group. You need to choose your preferred gender while registering.

Race and Ethnicity

Members of this website come from different races in the world. The site has not put any specifications of race or ethnicities. You can also choose your preferred partners according to their race. Amor en Linea contains black Americans, Indians, Chinese, Arabs, Africans, and other ethnicities in its platform.

Religious Orientation

There are no defined user religious groups on this platform. The website accepts all religious groups on its platform. You can find Christians, Muslims, pagans, Hindus, among other religious group members using this platform to get their like-minded partners.

Amor en Linea Dating Website Features

Several features are available on this platform. These features are useful since they guide users in finding their preferred partners, match, and communicate while on this website. All features are free to use. These essential features include the information below.

  • Chat: this is the only conversation feature available on this website. You can only chat with other users after you have matched. This feature is free to all users.
  • Search options: You can find your potential partner using several search filters available on this website. You can either use the basic search filters of the advanced search filters. Basic search filters include religion, age, location, and gender—advanced search filters include body features, occupation, social habits, among others. All search options are free to all users.
  • Shout outs: this is an icebreaker that you can send to over a thousand profiles at once. You can choose your target group according to those who viewed your profile, new friends, those who saw your profile photos, or even those you’ll want to chat with. This is a paid feature.
  • Match: this feature enables you to connect to other like-minded members. To communicate with someone, you need to like their profiles. Once they like back, it becomes a match. Clicking on the question mark puts their profiles pending, and an “X” rejects a match.
  • Go ad-free: this is a premium feature that enables individuals to chat without having pop-up ads on their profiles. There is a unique subscription package for this feature.

Amor en Linea Safety & Security

Amor en Linea Review: What Would You Like To Know?

There are several features the website has put across to ensure the safety of its members and their data. Some of the security features include verifying your profile through a link sent via the email address and blocking and reporting suspicious or scam accounts to the website admins.

The website is also IP sensitive. You cannot log in to areas where it has not yet permitted. The usage of this platform is also free of charge. You are not charged with any service.

There is also a privacy policy, which tends to explain how the website uses an individual’s data on this website. The privacy policy gives the below information:

  • The information the website collects
  • The information members provide
  • How this information is used
  • Retaining personal information
  • Consent of data
  • Safeguarding personal information
  • Access to personal information

Users are required to go through this information and familiarize themselves with what it entails.

Is Amor en Linea a Legit or Scam Service?

Amor en Linea Review: What Would You Like To Know?

Amor en Linea is a legit dating website owned by Oasis.com, a registered company in the UK that owns other sites, including oasis.com, oasis UK. The website has features that enable users to register, match, and also communicate. There is also a privacy policy that details how the site uses data and provides physical contact details in which members can contact its customer care.

As an online platform, users are cautioned to beware while interacting with other members as it does not conduct background checks on its members to prove they are genuine or not.

Subscription Types and Price

There is only one type of account on this website, the free membership.

Free Membership

Free memberships provide free services and provide all features of this website. Members on these accounts enjoy the below benefits:

  • Free account registration
  • Free profile update and uploading of photos
  • Search filters: members can use all the search filters including the basic and the advanced filters free of charge
  • Communication: messaging is also free of charge. You can only communicate with the individuals you have matched. You can also put profiles on hold, to chat with them later.
  • You can also send flirts for free on these basic accounts.

All other features of this website lie under basic accounts. This is because the website does not charge any subscriptions to upgrade accounts.

Since all accounts are free of charge, there are no premium features. However, there are some payments one needs to make when making shout outs. These include:

  • Shout Out: you can send shout outs to over 1000 users on this platform using different categories. This feature is charged $4.49 per month.
  • Go ad Free: this feature enables individuals to browse free without pop-up ads. The cost of this feature is $4.49 per month.

All other features are free of charge on this website. There are no subscriptions to upgrade an account.

Website Design and Usability

Amor en Linea website is very simple and very easy to use. It has a modern design which contains all the essential features. Its homepage is decorated with pictures of members available on its platform. It has success stories of couples connected through this platform.

All tabs are placed at the top of the page, and a click can access them. The background is also decorated with images, making it have a beautiful look. All features are easy to use, and they are all free of charge.

Mobile Application

Amor en Linea Review: What Would You Like To Know?

There is a functional mobile app for this platform. This mobile app can be downloaded for free from the Google Play store and also the Appstore for Android and iPhone users.

The app contains all features of the website and also has a modern design. You can choose your preferred language, either Spanish or other available options. Its interface resembles that of Oasis.com.

Contact Information

Company: 3H Group Pty Ltd

Address: Suite 310, 46-56 Kippax St Surry Hills, Australia

Email: privacyofficer@oasisactive.com

Amor en Linea Review

Amor en Linea is one of the fastest-growing dating platforms in the world. It is owned by Oasis.com, a company that owns other different types of dating platforms. This means the website is legit, and users can be assured of its functions. The good thing about this site, it is free of charge. You do not need to pay anything to use its features or to communicate with other members. The only payment will be for additional top-ups like shout outs and ad-free use.

It’s an excellent platform for individuals who are looking for quick dates either for casual sex, short term dates, or for long term relationships. The only issue is that it is not operational in some regions in the world. It is recommended for anyone looking for a legitimate dating platform to get a perfect dating partner.

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