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BlackSingles Review

BlackSingles Review
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Active Audience 57%
Quality Matches 89%
Popular Age 30-33
Profiles 37 680
Reply Rate 87%
Ease of Use 6.5
Popularity 9.3
Fraud Very Rarely
Registration Free
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Pros and Cons

  • BlackSingles review says that it is one of the fantastic dating sites for all the single black people out there. According to them, about 10000 singles are active regularly.
  • The Message Board is quite engaging and popular, which helps to strengthen communications.
  • All the profiles undergo a verification process before they are published to ensure Quality. Not only that, but there is a two-step verification process so that none of the profiles are a fraud.
  • The 24/7 customer support is top-notch and something to look forward to. In case any member gets stuck, they will not have any problem in getting help from the customer support team.
  • Has many similarities to social media because people can also communicate with each other without any hesitation.
  • BlackSingles are not based on a specific demographic, and that can be a problem if people are looking for solely Afro Americans on the site.

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BlackSingles is quite a reputed website so that black men and women can mingle with each other. It is a black community-based website where most of the people are Afro-American. Most people belonging to the same race and culture want to be with similar people, which is exactly what this website is doing. The working mechanism of the website is very smooth, and the UI is easy. It is not confined, which is why it allows membership across all the other races as well. Therefore there should be no problem getting the registration even if a potential member does not belong to the black race. On this platform, one can even find other members who are interested in black males and females. It has an exclusive community with amazing profiles so that it becomes easier to communicate and find the person you are looking for. Indifferent to the kind of relationship that a person wants, it will be available on the website.

This write-up will discuss the essence of this website, and then there will be an intricate detailing regarding the BlackSingles review. In the review, there will be an in-depth discussion regarding the features and the positive and negative attributes of a website. Not only that, but the discussion also encompassed the overall rating as well as the membership structure. In the case of any dating website, the overall rating is something to look forward to. According to the popular black singles reviews, the overall rating is 3.5 out of 5, and it has been given based on several factors, as mentioned below.

  • Website features
  • Ease of usage
  • Popularity
  • Quality of profiles
  • Matchmaking process
  • Customer service
  • Cost of profile creation
  • Searching mechanism

BlackSingles Review

How Does It Work?

BlackSingles is a website that offers amazing dating services to all the Afro-Americans out there. It believes that there should be a separate platform for only black people to interact and communicate with each other so that they can find a partner. The matchmaking algorithm makes it easier so that black men and women can find each other and fall in love.

The atmosphere of the website is very indecisive, so building relationships is no longer a problem. According to the expert’s reviews, this is the website on which people mostly come for long-term relationships. There have been a lot of success stories so far since its launch in 2002. Back when it was launched, the name of this website was BlackSinglesconnection.com.

It used to be a very popular dating website, and later on, it changed its name. Hundreds of people have been able to find their special someone, and there is no reason you will not be able to find yours. BlackSingles has a very sophisticated matching system, and it comes with amazing search options and chat rooms. Not only that, but this platform also has amazing black dating tips for all the members so that they can use it to break the ice! What more could you want? It is high time to start with the registration process to access all the exclusive features of the BlackSingles community.

How Does It Work?

Sign-Up & Login Process

The registration process of BlackSingles is quite simple, and it will take only 5 to 10 minutes to create a profile. The website is undergoing maintenance to enhance the user experience. In the first registration place to play, a person has to tell gender identity and the gender they are looking for. Also, there will be a set of terms and conditions that has to be abided by. Once you click on the ‘I accept’ option, you are good to go.

On the next page, the person has to set a password and confirm the password to get access to the website’s homepage. The registration will be completely free, and then the person will be able to check out the photos of all the singles in their location. There are about five hundred thousand members to choose from, so your soulmate is not far off.

Profile Interface

The profile structure is quite simple, and it comes with a good verification process. There are many question answers for the other members to understand the preferences of a specific member. The proposed are available in a lot of detail, and even there can be a change in the profile information. All the profile pictures and the information will be visible for everybody so that the matchmaking will become even better.

BlackSingles has one of the most informative profiles; it only needs basic information to access the website. There is a specific questionnaire page on the website, and it would be optional for all the users to answer the same. Also, while visiting any profile of the member, one can get to see the actions and the answers so that they become noticeable.

Profile Interface


The matchmaking and communication on this platform are quite simple, and people have to start answering the questions to mention their preferences. Reading messages is not available for free, and only the paid members will be able to send and reply to the messages. The members can also compare with the likes and dislikes so that matchmaking becomes easier for them. There are various ways in which one can contact the matches on Blacksingles. According to the reviews, reading and replying to e-mails bumps under the premium feature, and there should be up-gradation of the same as well. The website also provides a feature in which the members will be able to swipe left and right according to their convenience. With the help of the premium account, the members will be able to prioritize, and their profile will be highlighted. The paid members will always have a better privilege rather than the free members.

Members Structure And Activities

Most of the members of the BlackSingles are educated, and millions of members join throughout the globe. A total of 500000 people are from the USA, and most of them are active every week. The best part about this website is that the gender proportion is almost equal. Most of the site traffic comes from the United States and Canada and some from the United Kingdom.

The best thing about BlackSingles is that most of the audience on this website is completely mature. About 90% of this website’s population has people over the age of 30, so there are not many immature individuals out there. According to the BlackSingles review, finding a match here will be very easy and less time-consuming for all of the frustrated singles.

Users Age

Most of the individuals are above the age of 30, and the age range can go up to 55. The probability equation process is quite strict, so none of the underage individuals will be available here.

Sexual Preferences

According to the BlackSingles website, there is no restriction on sexual preferences. A person can be homosexual, heterosexual, and even bisexual, and this website will permit their registration. Even if an individual is very curious about what this website is about, they can also get access to this platform.

Sexual Preferences

Race And Ethnicity

The black singles are mostly about the Afro-American community who wants to find their perfect partner, but there is no such restriction on race and ethnicity. There can be white people who are fascinated about having a black partner and can even register on this website.

Religious Orientation

People belonging to various religious beliefs can participate in the matchmaking process of this website. A person need not be Christian to get the permit.

BlackSingles dating Website Features

  • Profile Creation – It will be incredibly easy to create profiles on this website, even as a beginner. The user interface is something to look forward to, and all the profile creation details will be right on the homepage.
  • Private mail – If any profile seems extremely interesting to any member, they can choose to go for private mail. This is an exclusive feature that is available only to premium account holders. On this platform, the sender and the receiver will be able to exchange mail without any problems.
  • Instant messenger – This is something to look forward to if you love to chat. With the instant messaging service, the messages will be sent to and fro within the blink of an eye.
  • Chatting – Group chatting option is also available on this platform to showcase their perspectives and comments on a single topic.
  • Wink – This is a very healthy way of flirting in which one member can send a smile or wink to the other members. If the other person is also interested, they can send a wink or smile back.
  • Message boards – If someone has sent a message, it will be pinned on the message board!

BlackSingles dating Website Features

Safety & Security

The safety and security of the BlackSingles website are top-notch, and there will be no privacy leakage. Apart from end-to-end encryption on all the chats and messages, there is also HTML encryption on the web site. There are several tips and tricks mentioned on the website for beginners to understand what can be dangerous. Users should not be worried about security, and customer support will always be there at the back.

According to the privacy policy of Black singles, the members should not give their personal information to any other member, which can be quite intimate, like the bank details. Despite the disclaimer, if someone is doing that, then the fraudulent activity is not the website’s responsibility.

Is Black Singles Legit Or Scam Service?

There is a lot of contradiction regarding whether BlackSingles is a legitimate website or a scam. Well, it is something authentic and legitimate because the success rate is quite high. The people on this website just have to be a little bit careful while talking to strangers, and they will not be a victim of a scam.

Subscription Types And Price

The last price change happened on August 3rd, 2010. All the prices are in US dollars, and there can be a difference in the base of location and the time of purchase. There can also be a difference in the price if the access point is slightly different from the conventional access points.

  • One month of subscription cost is around $10.
  • For three months of subscription, the rate will be 6.99 USD every month, totaling $21.
  • For a six-month subscription, the total price will be $30 with a renewal rate of 4.99 dollars every month.

Subscription Types And Price

Free Membership

The following features are inclusive under the free membership:

  • Free profile creation with the first two steps. The general information will incorporate the name, birthday gender, as well as the country code. It will also incorporate the type of relationship that any person is looking for.
  • Also, the profile information will contain the ethnicity, race, body type, language, education, occupation, and smoking and drinking problems.
  • There will be 15 questions to understand that reference to any member, and it will be fun to select the response from a lot of answers. This way, the matchmaking will be even better and entertaining at the same time.
  • One can also get their ideal match based on age range and acceptability of distance. Not only that, but they can also select multiple traits to understand the importance of what they want in their lives.
  • The members will be able to write seven essays describing amazing experiences
  • The members will upload as many photos as they want and even create an album for their friends.

The paid membership features are as follows:

  • All the premium account holders will be able to send and receive messages without any problem. It will be easy to send and receive private mails as well. There is no restriction on the message count, so a person will remain connected for as long as he or she wants.
  • Instant messaging is only available to premium account holders. Entering the public chat rooms and even one-on-one private message will be stopped for the free members.

Website Design And Usability

The Blacksingles website design and usability are things to look forward to even if the beginners will have no problem handling the same. The team and the background of the website have a very beautiful and appealing look, and even the design is top-notch. It is a mix of modern and conventional design, so it will not be difficult for any member to find the features.

Mobile Application

Mobile Application

Unfortunately, there is no mobile application dedicated to black singles, but the mobile browser is pretty efficient even then. It is compatible with all the different mobile platforms like Android and iOS, so there should be no problem staying connected with the other members even when you are on the go.

Contact Information

  • Company: Blacksingles. Com
  • Address: p.o box 739, Orem, United States
  • Phone: 840590739
  • E-mail: not found


As a final verdict, BlackSingles is the optimum platform for all the Afro-Americans who want to find different types of relationships. They will have a fun time to engage with each other, and the relationship might even end in marriage. Even the premium membership cost is quite affordable, which is why it will not burn a hole in the pocket to try at least one month of a premium account.

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