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ChristianMingle Review

ChristianMingle Review
About Site
Active Audience 69%
Quality Matches 87%
Popular Age 23-24
Profiles 2 000 000
Reply Rate 89%
Ease of Use 8.5
Popularity 9.2
Fraud Very Rarely
Registration Free
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Pros and Cons

  • There is a free registration and profile management for all members.
  • The strict verification process is done through the email address to ensure accounts are verified and legit. The website admins always check and suspend scam profiles.
  • Mobile applications are available for free, both downloading and installations, both in android and iPhone platforms.
  • Active users: most of its accounts are active. It has an average of 900,000 monthly member visits.
  • Balanced ratio of male to female. This makes it easier to get matches on this site.
  • Detailed profiles: Profiles on this platform carry a lot of information, making one understand his/her potential partner well before matching.
  • It is just a basic website. Some features are outdated and lacks the modern features like webcams.
  • Expensive: members can only use essential features like messaging on paid accounts. Its subscription packages are higher as compared to other niche dating sites.
  • ChristianMingle website and mobile platforms are only available in the US and its adjacent areas. It’s not available in all regions of the world.

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ChristianMingle is an online dating site for Christian singles who are looking for relationship partners. It’s a dating site for the serious Christian faith individuals looking for like-minded partners for long term relationships that lead to Christian marriage.

It is one of the websites with an equal ratio of men to women and also has the most active users at any particular time. The majority of its users are the youth, looking for dating partners for long term relationships. It is a site not suitable for users looking for short term dates or casual sex. Much of its profiles are verified. The website admins try as much to check and remove scam profiles on this platform.

ChristianMingle has many users, boasting of being the Christian dating website with the most significant number of users worldwide. Most of its users come from the US, and its function ability is limited to other countries. It has average monthly signup of over 60,000 new members. Other countries that use this platform include the United Kingdom and Australia.

This platform does not have a matching feature. Members must answer sets of questions about their religion, relationship, and family, which enable them to get the right profiles while matching. The search, match, and communication features are simple and easy to use.

ChristianMingle was launched in the year 2001, and it’s owned by Spark Networks, the parent company which also owns other dating sites, including Elite singles, JSwipe and SilveSingles.com. Currently, it has over 9million registered members and still growing.

  • Search Filters: Also knows as Discovery. This helps members to select their preferred matches. You can search users by location, ethnicity, age, body features, and other advanced filters, including hobbies and interests.
  • Message Plus: this is a premium feature that offers users the benefit of having their messages read and be replied by other members on free accounts. On regular messaging, the recipients cannot reply to messages. This is only applicable to the messaging plus feature.
  • LookBook: this is a swiping feature that enables members to go through various profiles by liking or skipping them. The heart tab means you like the profile, and the ‘X’ means you have rejected it. A mutual like occurs when the profile you liked, likes you back.
  • Last seen: this feature enables users to check whether their preferred matches are online or the last time they were online. Premium account holders can hide this feature on their accounts.

How Does ChristianMingle Work?

ChristianMingle Review: Essential Details

ChristianMingle is a niche dating website for Christians looking for like-minded partners for genuine relationships guided by faith. To join and use this website, you need to login to www.christiansingles.com/en-us to create an account. You have to be a registered user to use this site. You can also download and use mobile apps, either android or iPhone, depending on the device you are using.

Registration can be done using an email account or a more straightforward Facebook registration process.

You can use the search filters to find preferred matches, match, chat, and then plan for a physical date. It connects its users through commitment, religious beliefs, and family questions. The answers you provide to these questions are used to determine your matches. This dating platform is for serious Christian individuals only, who are looking for long term relationships. It’s not suited for people looking for casual or short term relationships.

ChristianMingle Sign-Up & Login Process

ChristianMingle Review: Essential Details

To have an account on ChristianMingle, you need to register and create your profile. Registration and creating of an account are free to all new users of this site.

To register, the below information and process is required:

  • First name: real first name is required in this section.
  • Last name: real last name is required in this area
  • Gender: you need to choose whether you are a man or a woman.
  • Birthday: You must provide your date of birth in the month, day, and year format.
  • Zip Code: being a US site, zip code is required to determine your current location.

Before proceeding to create your account, the website requires you to accept its terms of use, and also the privacy policy.

Profile Interface

ChristianMingle Review: Essential Details

After you are done with the registration process, the next step requires members to update and create their profiles.

Profiles in ChristianMingle are a bit detailed, and members are required to provide as much information as possible, as this information enables them to match with the right partners.

Members are required to key in the below details, to have a complete profile:

Matching & Chatting

ChristianMingle Review: Essential Details

After having an account, the next step is to match and communicate with your potential matches. Users are required to use the search filters to find their preferred matches according to their likes and preferences. You can search your potential matches through several search options, including age, distance, body type, height, and also using the advanced filters. The search options are free to all users of this platform.

The questions you had answered during registration and your profile details, determine the kind of matches you will get. After getting these matches, you can send them messages to create a conversation.

Messaging is a premium feature. You need to have a paid account to send messages to other users on this platform. Free account holders can receive and reply to messages sent from members on premium accounts.

There are no other communication features available on ChristianMingle dating website. It is only the messaging app that can be used, whether on the site or mobile apps. The website gives notifications to received messages on the website and also through mobile apps.

ChristianMingle Audience and Activities

ChristianMingle Review: Essential Details

ChristianMingle has over 9 million registered members using this platform to seek dating partners. These members come from different regions in the world and come to different age groups and ethnicities. These users can be segmented into the categories below:

  • Age
  • Sexual preferences
  • Ethnicity
  • Religion

Average User Age

ChristianMingle Review: Essential Details

This is an adult dating platform. Members using this website are adults who have attained the minimum age of 18 years.

The majority of users of this website are the youth. They are between 25 and 35, and most are looking for serious partners to settle with. You can also find members as young as 18 years of age and older than 60 years to get their preferred matches.

Sexual Preferences

ChristianMingle is a niche website involving singles of the Christian faith. Relationships on this website are guided by faith and are looking for straight members for ideal partners for marriage.

The majority of members available on this site are the straight members. It is not an ideal site for LGBTQ community members because of the religious aspect.

Race and Ethnicity

ChristianMingle Review: Essential Details

There is no specified race allocated to this website. ChristianMingle accepts all types of races belonging to the Christian faith. You can find Black Americans, Asians, Africans, and other Christian races using this site to get potential matches on this website.

Religious Views

ChristianMingle is a faith-based dating website for Christian singles. You can only find the Christian singles looking for long term partners.

ChristianMingle Dating Website Features

ChristianMingle has very few features designed for its members. Some of the essential features available on this platform include the below:

ChristianMingle Safety & Security

ChristianMingle Review: Essential Details

ChristianMingle has put several features to enable users, and their accounts stay safe while on this website. Some of these features include the verification process, allowing users to confirm their accounts through their email accounts.

The website has also put a detailed privacy policy that gives other security details concerning the members’ accounts and their data.

The privacy policy explains how the site manages user accounts and how it captures their data. It gives information on the type of data it captures, how it is used, stored, and also how it is shared among other third parties.

Members of this platform are encouraged to go through this privacy policy to understand more about it.

Is ChristianMinglea Legit Or Scam?

ChristianMingle is a legit dating website. The registration process, features, use, and customer support give it a clean bill of a legit website.

Spark Networks, the website owner, is also a verified, registered company that owns other legit dating sites. ChristianMingle is fully registered in Germany and has complied with rules and regulations to be used as a dating site.

Subscription Types And Price

ChristianMingle Review: Essential Details

ChristianMingle has two types of accounts for its members. These include:

  • Free Membership: these are free accounts members get once they register to this website. They are always free of charge.
  • Paid Membership: These are paid accounts, which provide all the features of this website.

Free Membership

These are accounts provided for free by the website. Usually, they are the basic accounts members get just after registration.

Members on free accounts get to enjoy the below benefits:

  • Free account registration and also creating the profile.
  • Search filters: search filters are available for free to every member of this platform.
  • Smiles: users can use these icebreakers to create attention to their potential matches.
  • Members on free accounts can also view users who visited their profiles.
  • Profile likes: members on free accounts can see who liked their profiles. They can also like other profiles for free.

To enjoy other advanced features, members are required to upgrade their accounts to premium.

These are upgraded, paid accounts of this website, and provide all features of this platform. Premium account holders enjoy the above free features, together with the below-advanced benefits:

  • They can send and receive messages to and from other users of this website.
  • Incognito: users on paid accounts can hide their accounts and browse anonymously.
  • Message details: premium account holders can get notifications when the recipients have read their messages.
  • Premium account holders can hide their last seen feature from their accounts to other members of this platform.

Premium accounts come with payments inform of subscriptions. Users need to pay for these subscriptions to have their accounts upgraded to premium.

Subscriptions to these accounts come on different packages as detailed below:

  • One-month subscription at $49.99, payable monthly.
  • Three-month subscription at $1043.97, translates to 34.99/month, payable quarterly.
  • Six-month subscription at $149.94, translates to 24.99/month, payable half-yearly.

From the subscriptions above, the more months you pay, the more you save on costs. These subscriptions are always auto-renewed, and users can cancel this feature on the website, or through the mobile app, depending on the means they used to subscribe.

While on the website, auto-renewal can be canceled on the account settings, while on mobile apps, these payments can be revoked via platforms the app was downloaded from. Cancellations need to be done prior, as the website does not refund submitted payments.

ChristianMingle Website Design and Usability

ChristianMingle Review: Essential Details

ChristianMingle is easy to use the website. The features are simple but modern, making it easy for anyone to navigate through it.

Its functions are limited. It has fewer features than other dating platforms, making it easy to use, even to individuals with no computer expertise. The colors are also appealing, making it have a beautiful interface.

Mobile Application

ChristianMingle has a fully functional mobile application for its users. These mobile applications are available on Google Play Store and iOS platforms for android and iPhone smartphone users, respectively.

The mobile apps have the same features as the website, and they are much easier to use. You can use these mobile apps to be online anywhere and at any time of the day, just at your smartphone or tablet’s comfort.

The mobile apps can be downloaded and be installed for free on all platforms.

Contact Information

Company: Spark Networks LLC, USA.

Address: 11150 Santa Monica Boulevard Suite 600, Los Angeles.

Phone: Hotline: 1.310.893.0550

Email: support@christianmingles.com

ChristianMingle: Final Conclusion

ChristianMingle Review: Essential Details

ChristianMingle is a niche dating website, designed for the Christian faithful looking for serious partners for long term relationships.

This makes it an ideal dating platform for users who want to get mature partners to settle with. The features are great, simple, and straight to the point. It does not have complicated features, making it easy to use even for the old, mature members. The interface is also appealing and easy to navigate through to any user.

One of the main disadvantages of this site is its expensive set of premium features. You cannot send a message unless when you have a paid account. This might be expensive for some of the members. Other disadvantages include low Membership and also the site being inaccessible to some regions of the world. Nevertheless, it’s worth trying for the Christian singles who are looking for long time relationship partners.

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