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Coffee Meets Bagel Review

Coffee Meets Bagel Review
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Active Audience 65%
Quality Matches 80%
Popular Age 20-45
Profiles 1 120 000
Reply Rate 71%
Ease of Use 8.8
Popularity 9.2
Fraud Very Rarely
Registration Free
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Pros and Cons

  • Due to the fewer amount of matches every single day, the probability of meeting the right one increases manifold times. But make sure you are patient enough to get paired with someone who values your true worth.
  • You will find more female subscribers in this dating application. Also, women are given a higher authority over men when it comes to choosing the ideal one. We will be discussing more regarding the ‘Ladies Choice’ feature further in the article.
  • Nobody can search for you on their own. Therefore, in case you wish to stay away from public attention, Coffee Meets Bagel is ideal for you.
  • You don’t have to spend much time scrolling unwanted profiles as the website filters the people you might know in real life.
  • With the paid subscription, you can know if a person has viewed your text.
  • As said before, the number of pairings is comparatively less. Therefore, you will be mingling with fewer strangers.
  • The pairing is done based on height, caste, age, and so on. This pairing system isn’t considered the best when it comes to lovemaking in online portals.
  • The people you meet on the application are from your nearby proximity, as you might already know them on Facebook. Therefore, you might pair up with an unwanted old acquaintance.
  • The website is not the most ideal option available when in less populated cities. So, it would be awesome if you preferably stay in a populated town for using the application to come across the right strangers.

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In operation for the past eight years, Coffee Meets Bagel is an astounding dating forum that promises to serve in the most effective way. This application wished to put an end to the casual hookups and spark up people’s love life with long-term relationships. In case you want to know more about this fantastic love portal, read on!

There are bundles of features provided by the portal that users drool over. So, delve into the article to know all related to Coffee Meets Bagel!

How does it Work?

The basic system of getting paired on Coffee Meets Bagel is by connecting the account to your Facebook profile. The application tries to dig deeper into your friends’ list to find suggestions from your near ones. It also goes through the friend list of your connections to find the pairings. Women can independently send a request and they are known in the forum as ‘Bagel.’ Men are free to accept or reject the bid within a day. The features of Coffee Meets Bagel maximize the chances of severe long-term pairings, unlike other dating applications.

Sign-up and Login Process of the Application

Sign-up and Login Process of the Application

The enrollment process of Coffee Meets Bagel is quite hassled free. You are required to install their mobile application or open their website where you will find the option for signing up. While enrolling, you have to provide some necessary details about yourself, like your name, job, religion, residence, etc. Also, there will be specific vague phrases, which are to be filled by you. A Facebook profile is mandatory for using this site. Free Beans are rewarded for signing-up.

Profile Interface

The personal details in the account of a stranger are provided in much more depth. This will help you know a person better and connect with them accordingly. However, some people give out false data on their profiles. Therefore, you must talk to them personally and take the hints of your gut feeling to decide the best.

You cannot see a person’s name until pairing up with them. The profiles look elegant and formal due to the presence of qualifications and job status. You are free to upload any nine pictures of your choice plus a caption of around 50 words. Each profile has a ranking that helps them set apart from the other profiles on the portal. The profile details are editable, and the display picture is visible to all.

Communication Facility

Women get to see six suggestions for pairing every day. The suggestions are the men who have liked their picture or profile. Men are given one day for either liking a woman or passing them to the next slot of men. Once the pairing happens, two users can communicate via chat for a week. Starting a talk in Coffee Meets Bagel is not difficult because texting first is free for all. Also, the application offers quick conversation starters to create a friendly environment between the strangers. Ensure you choose the match within the period; he/she might disappear from the suggestions forever.

Member Structure and Activities

Member Structure and Activities

The membership structure is much larger than what is expected. Coffee Meets Bagel has successfully reached over 25 million conversations and more than a hundred marriages in the United States. The users are highly active in the forum and love connecting with new people every day. Also, around 400,000 members join the platform every month. Therefore, on enrolling in their portal, you get high chances of meeting your dreams’ man or woman. Further, we have discussed the user pattern in depth.

Age Distribution

According to the recent reports, most of the users of Coffee Meets Bagel fall in the age bracket of 28 to 47 years old. There are around 35% of people whose age ranges between 18 to 27 years old. Therefore, this app allows you to meet strangers from various age groups and strike a conversation with them.

Sexual Preferences

There are 60% ladies and 40% of men users in this love site. So, in case you are searching for your queen, then Coffee Meets Bagel can never disappoint you. Yet so far, no reports are suggesting the percentage of homosexual people. But it is highly believed that the portal is best made for heterosexual matches. That being said, there are still chances for homosexuals to meet their soulmate here. So, whatever be your sexual orientation, this forum will serve you impressively!

Race and Caste

Around half of the strangers on the forum are Americans. But depending on where you stay, there are chances of seeing suggestions from various races across the globe. As said before, you must be using the application in a more populated city to find a person from your race.

Religious Orientation

A high population of members belongs to Christianity. But just like the facts mentioned above, the religion too depends on the place where you are scrolling down the application.

Coffee Meet Bagel Dating Website Features

Coffee Meet Bagel Dating Website Features

There plenty of unique features provided by the software. And trust us, when we say plenty, we mean it! These interfaces are the main attraction of the app. Read below to know more about the features:

  • Ladies Choice: During the noontime, the male users are treated with 21 unique suggestions called ‘Bagel.’ After the men show interest, the portal structures the most helpful suggestion for female users. The female users then find the six best possible suggestions on the feed. In case there are less than six men like a particular woman, the ‘ladies Choice’ gets activated to help the lady choose the man of her liking. They, too, are given the authority of either liking or rejecting a man.
  • Discover: Using this feature, you can find strangers away from the nearby proximity. You get to meet people who have no connection with your Facebook handle. But for initiating a relationship with them, there is a need to spend the collected Beans.
  • Give: This helps you become the cupid for your loved ones. Using this feature, you can share a suitable match with people you love. When they land on the account, you are rewarded with 300 Beans.
  • Take: Take is activated when you choose someone from the ‘Discover’ corner of the site. When you pick someone, you will have to wait for them to respond back. Mind that the person doesn’t have to spend any Beans to pair up with you.
  • Woo: This is an exaggerated way of telling someone how much you adore them and wish to connect with them. To use this feature, Beans are required.
  • Photo Lab: Using this feature, you can let other users pick one picture from the two options that you give them. The results of the poll can only be viewed when you are ready to spend Beans. If you participate in someone else’s vote, then you are awarded Beans.
  • Open Sesame: This feature allows seeing the standard connections between you and a stranger.
  • Rematch: If you pick someone and they didn’t connect back, you can avail of this feature to pair another chance.
  • Mirror Mirror: This will let you view your ranking among other people using the site.
  • Express Delivery: Using this feature, you can text your interest before they decide to connect back. This feature will demand Beans.
  • Question of the Day: Here, you must answer the regular framed queries by the site. Your interest can view the answer to these questions.

Safety and Security

Safety and Security

Coffee Meets Bagel is yet so far known in the world of lovemaking as a reliable and secure site. You can fill your details on this forum without being worried about getting them leaked elsewhere.

Is the site Coffee Meets Bagel Legit or Scam?

Coffee Meets Bagel is an honest lovemaking portal. According to the members, most people here have a real account. However, you might meet bots as well. Therefore, you must stay a bit alert to understand a person’s deeper intentions while talking to them. If you find someone misbehaving with you or acting like a bot, block them immediately and refrain from further talking with them.

Subscription Types and Prices

Free Membership

The free membership plan is available to all users. It is recommended that you try the unpaid plan first to know more about the website. The features offered in the unpaid version are as follows:

  • Free access to the mobile application.
  • Getting to create a profile.
  • The scrolling suggestions of potential interests.
  • Texting for a week after pairing up.
  • Free Beans for enrolling.
Paid Plan

The premium version is accessible only after you start spending. The paid version avails you the freedom to use multiple special features. The price chart is as follows:

Duration Cost (in USD)
1 month 34.99
3 months 74.99
6 months 119.99
1 year 179.99

The price chart for buying beans is given below:

Credits Cost (in USD)
100 1.99
2,000 23.99
3,000 24.99

The features offered for you to use with the paid version are:

  • Avail to ranking report.
  • Know when someone has seen your text.
  • Six thousand free Beans in a month.
  • Five free takes.
  • Limitless Woos.
  • Getting to view the mutual connections of the interests.
  • 15% extra Beans on an investment.

Website Design and Interface

Website Design and Interface

The Coffee Meets Bagel website is pretty simple as the phone application is used more. In particular, the site has plenty of genuine testimonials that help a person understand the promising nature of the site. The website also has a pop-up link that prompts the user to install their app.

Mobile Application

They have an excellent mobile application that makes the task of finding love easier. The app runs smoothly on all devices and has a great design layout. It is easy to use and can be handled well by the beginners.

Contact Info

Company: Coffee Meets Bagel

Address: JPMorgan Chase Building, 560 Mission, San Francisco, US

Phone: +1 (917) 439-3770

Email: contact@coffeemeetsbagel.com

Final Word

We hope this Coffee Meets Bagel descriptive guide was successful in telling you a lot about the site. This is a great place for finding a long-term commitment. So, when are you signing-up in this dating forum? Do tell us!

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