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Curves Connect Review

Curves Connect Review
About Site
Active Audience 50%
Quality Matches 86%
Popular Age 25-40
Profiles 1 468 560
Reply Rate 77%
Ease of Use 7.4
Popularity 9.1
Fraud Very Rarely
Registration Free
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Pros and Cons

  • Well formulated web design
  • Ensures full safety of its users
  • Smooth sign up process
  • Pocket friendly for membership
  • Detailed profiles
  • Promotes body positivity
  • Global outreach
  • Easily accessible
  • Limited access to standard users
  • Not very popular
  • Does not have an app
  • Limited to curvy people only

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The site helps you to find the perfect match for yourself based on your preferences. In case you are looking for a partner or a serious relationship, you are here for some luck. Curves Connect is a dating website focusing on sincere relationships all over the world. That’s right! People can access the brand from any part of the world and join the quest to find themselves a perfect life partner. Given the features and layout of the page, people find it increasingly easy to use. You have assorted columns and bars to navigate through profiles of your choice. However, as soon as you sign in as a registered user, Curves Connect almost immediately sorts out profiles per your specifications and sends them to you. This not only saves your time but immediately garners your interest in the matchmaking process. You are also entitled to search for choices, though. You are in for a good adventure if you are serious about finding yourself a suitable partner. Curves Connect aims at finding you the right choice for a partner, keeping in mind your preferences and type. The site has exclusive features for you if you are serious about your persuasion. All you need to do is provide the site with honest details and specify your interests with good clarity, reducing your effort and the brand’s effort to find you a suitable partner. Greater the details, the better the match. All your provided details are used to find you, someone, according to your taste and criteria. The website has been designed in a way that is user-friendly and easy to use. You can log in through your email id and password and get going.

How does it work?

How does it work?

The site functions quite smoothly for first-time users, initially allowing limited access to profile lookout users. But if you are adamant about finding yourself the perfect match, then you can avail of premium gold or premium platinum membership for extravagant features and uninterrupted use. First, you must sign in through an email ID that is advised to be kept separate from the site. You are then required to set up a password for the profile and a quirky user name to give your profile a head start. After the sign-in process, you will be required to fill in certain details about yourself, such as your name, lifestyle, cultural background, religious preference, appearance, and other necessary information. In case you are specific about a particular section, let’s say religion or ethnicity or appearance of a person, please make sure you have given detailed criteria in that category to avoid confusion and better clarity. You do not want awkward encounters, do you? You can then put up a recent profile picture where your personalities speak up for you for people to see and get an idea of how you look. Make sure your profile picture is appropriate and not nude or semi-nude. The site doesn’t promote nudity in any way. Your profile is complete now with these last few steps, and you are good to go!

Sign-up and Log in Process

Curves Connect’s Sign-up and login process is straightforward and quick, unlike other sites where the verification process takes up a huge chunk of your time. You are only required to create an email id for the profile (ensure it is not used for any other purpose), followed by a password to protect your account. You can stay assured of your credentials; the site guards your details against hackers and other unsolicited sites. After you are done with the registration process, you will be required to answer a few questions to set up your profile for users’ clarity. Add a nice profile picture, and there you are, a certified user!

Profile Interface

A considerable part of the profile interface goes into answering the questions correctly during the profile set-up. The whole point of these questions is to let the brand know you better for finding the perfect and preferable match for you. The more information you provide about yourself, the better your chances of finding the right person. So if you are serious about finding your partner and want to indulge in a sincere relationship, try and fill in as much about yourself as possible. This is why Curves Connect has very detailed and subjective profiles on the site, lessening the users’ work in finding their type.



As soon as your profile is complete, Curves Connect sorts out the best matches for you, thus reducing your work searching for the match. Although, you can go on the search bar and navigate through various profiles and see for yourself what suits you. The profiles are available with profile pictures and information about the person. If you find someone desirable, you can text them using some flirty Curves Connect messages. Texting anyone is free. However, you would want to video-call or voice-call the person if things bloom between you two. For such alluring and feasible features, you have membership offers to avail and continue with your mate’s uninterrupted chats.

Members structure and activities

Curves Connect primarily identifies themselves as curvy, plus-size, or healthy bodies compared to the conventional standards of body perfection. The majority of the members are of the plus-size category and are active users of the site. The brand has its page on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. In case you need to reach out to them, you know where to go.

Users Age

There is no stability when it comes to the age of the users. People of all ages can choose to be on the site, the minimum age criteria being 18 years. However, men and women between the age of 25-40 seem to be active users.

Sexual Preferences

The site is not limited to people’s heterogeneous society; you can enter your preference in the option provided while setting up your profile. You can give a detailed description of your choices and preferred sexuality. Users are allowed to be free in their orientation. However, a heterogeneous society seems to dominate the site.

Race and Ethnicity

Your race and ethnicity can be provided in the profile set-up section. You can write elaborately about your cultural and social background, your practices, and your beliefs. Making it easier for the viewer to understand where you hail from. Or, if you go on a profile, you can check for their background before any engagement. However, do you think someone’s ethnicity can come in the way of love? Can you stop yourself from falling for someone just because they belong to a different race? Think about it!

Religious Orientation

Religious Orientation

Again, your religious orientation can be included in your profile details, making it easier for the matches to clarify your idea of religion. While setting up your profile, be careful to put these details if you are particular about your partner’s orientation as well. Although do you ask yourself whether religion can propose to be a barrier when it comes to love?

Curves Connect dating website features

First, you are required to register with the site providing your email, zip code, and age; then, you will write your preferred gender and let the site know about the gender you are interested in. Once the registration process is complete, you will be required to edit your profile with further details.

Later, you will be asked a list of questions for the site and matches to know you better. Answer the questions honestly if you are sincere with your quest. The site provides you with options to upload your pictures, which will brighten your profile and make way for matches. The site also runs its blog on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to drop in their testimony about how they liked our brand. You can visit the sites for further information on the brand and how it has helped people find their love partners.

Safety and Security

The site is safe to use and provides full safety to its users. You do not have to worry about your details, and they are surely in safe hands. It is careful about the sensitive credentials provided by its users and keeps guard on unwanted content. Profiles found heckling others or posting inappropriate content are immediately barred from the platform.

Is Curves Connect Legit or Scam Service?

Curves Connect is a trustworthy dating site, used and appreciated by millions of users. In case you doubt the legitimacy of the site, you are free to check out the site’s blog available on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. You will find reviews and testimony of successful and satisfied users.

Subscription types and prices

There are all types of subscriptions available, so whatever the user would want. Free memberships have limited features, whereas premium members have unlimited features.

Free Membership

Website design and usability

Users are provided with free and paid membership according to their needs. Free membership allows you to build a profile and use the site to search for matches. You can also text people if interested, free of cost.

Premium membership allows you further to initiate video-calls and voice-calls with the person of your interest. Also, if you wish to exchange unlimited messages, upload unlimited pictures, exchange messages through emails, view the post updates and “last seen” of a person, block undesired people, you can opt for premium services.

To find out about the price of premium membership, go on your profile and click on “update.” You will be directed to the price menu.

Website design and usability

The site is formulated in a manner so that it is easy and understandable even for beginners. The profiles are descriptive, easily matched considering your choices, and it is free to use for standard users. People looking for a long term serious relationship can enroll in the site for a perfect partner. You are provided with various options for upgrading your profile to improve your chances in matchmaking. In case you incur any issue or problem accessing your account or look for matches, you can easily contact the makers on the contact details mentioned below.

Mobile Application

Sadly, the mobile app is not yet designed for users.

Contact Information

You can access the site on www.curvesconnect.com or check out their blogs on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook.



Curves Connect is one of the finest sites for curvy or plus-sized people, promoting body positivity and welcoming all body shapes in the generic streamline. People are often found to be conscious of how they look or how the world sees them. They already believe themselves to be alien to society, not getting their hopes high in matters of love or friendship. This brand will provide a healthy and confidence-boosting environment for such people to ensure equality and erase such beautiful humans’ isolation. It will help them accept how they look and usher in confidence in their shape — not obliged to the society’s hollow ideals anymore! You are no longer chained to the slim and trim figure; every shape is lovable and acceptable. Give this site a chance to prove your worth to you. Create a very attractive profile and try your luck. If you are currently looking out for a serious relationship with a partner of your dreams who fits perfectly in your chosen design, which is dedicated to their approach towards you, you, my friend, have reached the right platform. Explore your possibilities in love through Curves Connect.

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