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eHarmony Review

eHarmony Review
About Site
Active Audience 94%
Quality Matches 94%
Popular Age 20-25
Profiles 2 000 000
Reply Rate 93%
Ease of Use 8.6
Popularity 9
Fraud Very Rarely
Registration Free
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Pros and Cons

  • Available in more than 150 countries around the world;
  • Profiles are very detailed;
  • The matching system is excellent when it comes to delivering compatible profiles;
  • Personal compatibility is given a higher level of preference;
  • An excellent choice for creating long-term relationships.
  • Very expensive compared to regular dating sites;
  • Less number of tools to search;
  • Lack of options for gay, bisexual, or trans singles.

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How Does eHarmony Work?

It is a common practice amongst online dating sites to match people based on age, preference, location, and other parameters. Yet, this is not an accurate way to connect two individuals. This is where eHarmony steps in with a scientific approach to increase the possibility of a successful match. Instead of relying on looks or other superficial aspects, eHarmony tries to focus on compatibility, which is assessed through a lengthy questionnaire during the signup process.

eHarmony analyses the likes, dislikes, preferences, and several other parameters. These are put together to come up with a list of matches that have a high chance of establishing a strong connection. This scientific approach has a higher chance of finding a partner who will be increasingly compatible with every walk of life.

How to Sign Up and Login

How Does eHarmony Work?

The signup process at eHarmony can take a while, as it is quite lengthy by dating site standards. However, every user will be able to profit from this effort, as the matching system on the site is extremely good. The critical ingredients during signup would be sexual preference and orientation. Since the website does not provide an option for gay or trans individuals, the market pool is very traditional. The necessary information will also be asked in the signup process, with users having to submit information like location and age.

The personality test follows up next, and this is one of the unique elements of eHarmony. As part of this section, users will be presented with different questions on a scale of seven points. A user is intimated about the progress after answering each question, and positive statements will be followed up with encouraging words about completing the test. This personality test becomes very crucial since the site is now collecting information about lifestyle, beliefs, skills, desires, needs, physical appearance, the value placed upon a relationship, income, and more.

The user is also not just providing personal information, but they are also using the personality section to help the system come up with better matches. Some open-ended questions can help present a more exceptional picture of the user’s passion, lifestyle, and more. Finally, an opportunity to upload profile pictures is also offered.

It would take around 30 minutes or more to finish the different sections. If the user applies a lot of thought into each question, they stand a higher chance of finding an excellent match.

If the signup process was lengthy and elongated, the login process is straightforward. The user only needs to enter the email address and password. If required, a username can also be entered in place of the email address.

The Profile Section

The Profile Section

The style and usability of the profile interface at eHarmony is quite strong. All preferences would come with a pleasing interface along with the option to answer several questions—to increase the chances of success. The questions would be placed in random order so that the full profile appears similar to a collage. Often, online dating sites do put a lot of importance on the resume, but the site goes a little different in its approach.

eHarmony, the spot focus on getting generic information from the user. Instead, the profiles are more about focusing on the individual and their interests. One can also come up with fascinating insight into the individual using these unique profiles. The focus on passion is a crucial reason for success. Apart from such information, the usual set of data like height, occupation, the city, and more are provided.

The process of communication can be hand-held or independently. The method of initiating contact begins with showing interest in a member through a wink or smile. Both these options will be able to substantially increase the chances of taking it seriously and finding a match. Now, several preferences will be filtered out, just listening to questions that have been answered in the personality section.

eHarmony Matches & Communication

eHarmony Matches & Communication

The eHarmony is quite unique in its structure and use, as members will be getting plenty of opportunities for aspects like messaging and getting in touch with exciting matches. An exciting aspect of the site will be the interactions being limited to select members. It is possible to get a certain number of matches daily, along with the option of some unique features like ‘What If?’

An additional set of users can also be contacted since someone can find a perfect match outside of the recommended options, which are generated by the matching system. The human emotion and character can bring about a lot of differences in an individual when they are being portrayed on a website that has a predefined set of questions and answers.

There is a significant problem due to the use of a new platform. This comes about in the speed of being able to go through profiles. Even though the site is focused on establishing long relationships, it can take its own sweet time to strike a conversation. This can result in lost opportunities since members could actually interact with several other options. The site is also very confident about its matching formula that people who are a potential match are only presented to the user.

All matches will be presented along with their personality trait if it matches a member’s requisites. In some aspects, the automatic matching formula will be a less stressful way of finding a potential match, as users need not spend hours together browsing through several hundred profiles. This also limits the need to send several chat requests only to be turned down.

Members Structure and Activities on eHarmony

There are more than 10 million active users within eHarmony, and this ensures a wide spread of users. This number is quite a healthy figure for a site that does not include gay, lesbian, or trans singles. All of the critical action takes place on the home screen, where several data like visitors, photo updates, profile updates, and more are available.

Average Users Age

The biggest advantage of eHarmony is that over 90% of the user base has an average age of 30. This makes it particularly important when people are more focused on long-term relationships. This age group also signifies that many of the users are indeed looking for a long haul. However, there are also users who are looking for older individuals. Even though there are members above 40 in both sexes, there is a considerable drop in their user base.

What About Sexual Preferences?

What About Sexual Preferences?

The primary focus of eHarmony is on people who want more long-term relationships. As a result, the primary sexual preference for many individuals would be on a similar wavelength. The speed dating or other platforms will be able to offer more variety when it comes to sexual preference, as it is not a major selling point of this site.

Race and Ethnicity

There are different ethnicities available on the site, but there are special links that would take a member directly to pages with Asian, Black, Hispanic, and White population. This is one of the factors that highlight the diversity of eHarmony. The availability of many ethnicities and races makes it a brilliant option for users from around the world. From here, it becomes a cycle that ultimately would result in a growing diversity of users on the platform.

Even though eHarmony does not skew towards one religion, in particular, a significant portion of the user base is composed of Christians. In fact, Christian dating is one of the key sectors of the site, but this is not at the detriment of users looking to date people of other religions. There is a good representation of Muslims, Hindus, Jewish, and more.

eHarmony Features

eHarmony Features

There are not too many exclusive features available on the site, as it is mostly about features that are commonly available on dating platforms. Furthermore, these features are primarily skewed towards enhancing the communication experience. Just as with other platforms, eHarmony limits many of the top features to paid users, with free users only getting a handful of choices. Some of the top ones are:

Send Questions

A member can begin a conversation with potential matches by using several automated questions, which can also come in handy for extending talks. A user need not pay for feature, as everyone can access it for free. Crucially, there are no limitations when it comes to the number of questions and answers per day. Rather than having to think about an icebreaker, users will be able to take this option to initiate contacts with potentially interested or exciting profiles.

Send a Smile

A great way to break the ice and start a conversation with potential matches is by sending a smile, which can be seen just below the profile picture. A person will be able to receive or send smiles as a means of initiating contact. This can be a great way to initiate contact for a free user, as it is one of the features available without a membership.

What If?

This is a feature available for paid members who will benefit from an additional 50 matches that are available outside the list of preferred options. Even though these matches are outside the preferred list, they have the potential to become a lucky option for the user.

Add to Favorites

This is a common feature of most online dating sites, as it eliminates the need to search for a specific profile frequently. If a user happens to like a profile, it can be merely added to the favourites list before starting a conversation.

eHarmony Safety & Security

eHarmony Safety & Security

eHarmony comes with plenty of technologies that are aimed to improve the security of this site, and this includes the SSL encryption, which manages to include all important transactions – including those from credit cards. The site also safeguards the access provided for administrative purposes. At the same time, all restrictive security measures are used so that members can transact the various details like identity with a greater amount of comfort and security. The site also has a system that checks the identity of every member.

Is eHarmony Legit or Scam Service?

The eHarmony has been around for more than a decade, and it has established a reputation as one of the top dating sites. Instead of many competitors that tend to focus on short-term dating, this site is more about providing long-term relationships. This commitment is also clearly seen from the subscription packages that start from six months onwards. This is one of the legit services that can help any individual find a match given its widespread global presence and the robust matching system.

eHarmony Membership Types

eHarmony is all about a subscription package that can be availed for different time lengths. However, it also has a free membership that can get people excited. Yet, people should be aware that eHarmony is one of the expensive options available out there.

Free Subscription

Free Subscription

The free membership on this site is next to disappointing, as there is very little that a person can do without paying a subscription fee. It is possible to log in and enter into the ‘personality questions’ section, where it is possible to build up a brilliant profile. The free user is also provided access to all profiles on the platform, but the catch is the inability to initiate contact. This membership is only suitable for assessing the quality of the site.

A member is also allowed to receive and send smiles or greetings. The opportunity to respond to a first message is also provided. Some of the best elements of free membership would be the ability to browse anonymously, while also being able to look at recent visitors.


The paid membership is for users who are already familiar with eHarmony. It provides access to all the capabilities like unlimited matches, access to all photos, unlimited communication, and improved search features. The premium options are available at different time lengths. A typical dating site would offer memberships for just one or three months. However, eHarmony displays the commitment to serious relationships by only offering plans that are valid for six months and above. A user can sign up for a maximum of 24 months. The site has a flexible pricing policy where users can end up paying around $18 per month for this plan. This would go up to $23 in the case of a 12-month plan and $33 for a six-month plan.

Design & Usability on eHarmony

Design & Usability on eHarmony

The design of the eHarmony site is quite futuristic, as it manages to present a fantastic layout that is in line with the modern sites. The minimalistic design of the home page is built upon with many of the options tucked under the carpet. The matches are lined up in a grid with minimal detail, which primarily involves their name, age, and location. Even though the design is not grand, it is capable of doing magic with easy navigation and usability.

There is not much clutter on the site, and all elements can be accessed within easily available labels. It does not take long for a new member to set up and get going. One of the problematic areas would be the frequent ads that members receive for upgrading their accounts, but other advertisements are not present.

Mobile App

The availability of a mobile application is very crucial in this modern era, where users accomplish many tasks from their smartphones or tablets. The app, which can be installed on iOS and Android products, will be able to reduce the tension of having to rush back for access to a desktop to reply to a message.

The app provides many functionalities like being able to review new matches, message matches, send icebreakers, upload pictures, and more. However, the app does not allow a member to make changes to their profile, match settings, or access the communication history. Many of the premium services are also unavailable on the mobile, but it is still a great way to access the critical elements of the site even when a person is in the middle of nowhere.

Contact Information

Contact Information

Company: eHarmony, Inc

Address: 10900 Wilshire Boulevard 17th Floor Los Angeles, CA 90024 USA

Phone: 844-544-3175

Final Thoughts

eHarmony is an impeccable dating platform that primarily focuses on heterosexual individuals. Unlike many dating sites that are more about short-term relationships, eHarmony specializes in ensuring long-term relationships with claims of around 2% marriages in the United States being claimed as a result of this platform. If an individual has had their feelings hurt several times through short flings, it is better to opt for eHarmony. As a result, it is more serious. The process can be calculated, and it may take a while, but eHarmony has proven to be quite successful.

Users shouldn’t expect a ton load of matches every day. The prices are also on the higher side. However, eHarmony is a brilliant option for somebody looking to make a wholesome change to their life by ditching their single status.

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