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Fast Flirting review: Find your soulmate

Fast Flirting review: Find your soulmate
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Active Audience 68%
Quality Matches 53%
Popular Age 20-60
Profiles 48 000
Reply Rate 43%
Ease of Use 8.8
Popularity 9.2
Fraud Very Rarely
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Pros and Cons

  • Among all other dating websites that charge users to enjoy the complete features, this site is an exception. It does not charge any money from any of its users, and there is no premium membership. All the users are just equal and can enjoy all the features and privileges without any distinction.
  • All users have unlimited messaging and flirting, making it similar and easier to social media sites.
  • Even though the site does not charge any money from its users, it ensures that its users' privacy and safety are adequately met. They take special care to make sure that no inappropriate content gets on to the site. The administration moderates all the photos and contents and removes everything that seems inappropriate.
  • Signing in the process is very easy and simple. It takes only a few minutes to get completed, and once the signing up is done, the site is ready to use.
  • There are three ways to sign in. Gmail, Facebook, or Google account can be used. If a Facebook account is used, the site will collect all the information that has been previously given and use it for the account creation process making the whole thing much more simple. If Gmail is used, the users need to give some basic information necessary to create an account.
  • The profiles do not have very detailed personal information about the users as compared to other dating sites, and therefore it looks empty.
  • Since the site does not ask for any payment, the number of fake profiles is very high, and the chances of getting cheated are also high. Most people may take it as a site for time pass rather than for serious matchmaking.
  • There is no verification for the profiles; thus, it is difficult to determine whether a profile is authentic. The other person's identity also remains a matter of doubt.
  • The site's privacy policy tells that the users are responsible for the security of the details provided on the site. The site does not ensure any security of the user’s data.

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Fast Flirting is an online dating site established in the year 2018 and is one of the youngest of all famous dating apps. It has been rated 6.5 out of 10 by its users, which testifies the site as more than good.


Like all other online dating sites, Fast Flirting also asks its users to first sign in to the site to access the features offered. The site is similar to social media sites as it does not charge its users, and anyone can sign in. It is designed exclusively to get people in touch quickly and make connections as fast as possible.

Most of the users of the site are out there to find casual encounters rather than serious dating. But, there are also members in search of romantic relationships and friendship. Unlike other dating sites, this site does not perform any matchmaking function. It does not use any algorithm to find people who are compatible and show it as matches. The site shows random profiles under the title “Flirt with Guys” and “Flirt with Girls.” Users can go through these sections and find profiles they are interested in. Users can also make use of search filters and shorten down the results according to their preferences.

Singing up

Singing up

Signing up for Fast Flirting is effortless and simple. It takes only a maximum of 5 minutes or even less than that to complete the entire process. The site offers three methods to sign in. One is using an existing Facebook account. If this method is used, the site will collect information that has been given on the Facebook account and use it to create a profile. The second method is making use of a google account. In both these cases, the site asks for the user’s permission to collect information like name, profile picture, date of birth, etc. The third method is by using an email id. In this case, the user needs to provide some additional information like nickname, age, gender, the gender you are interested in, date of birth, password, etc. Nicknames are used by the site to ensure the anonymity of its users.

Profile Interactions

Like what already mentioned, the site does not make use of any algorithm to look into the personal information of the users and find other users who are compatible with them. That is, the site, unlike other online dating sites, does not show any matches. The users themselves need to go through the profiles that are available and find someone whom they like. Profiles of other users will be shown under the titles “Flirt with Guys” and “Flirt with Girls,” users have to browse through these profiles, find someone interesting and message them to get their attention. Users can make an unlimited number of searches and can message an unlimited number of people.

Communication and Matches

Fast Flirting is not based on any matchmaking system. It is a platform for messaging, chatting, and flirting. As the site does not charge its users for any of the features they provide, messaging is also free. Messages can be sent to an unlimited number of people. But, the messaging can be done only for a limited period of ten minutes. If a user gets interested in some profile, message them, talk for ten minutes, and decide whether to move forward. This format is for sure a restriction, but it is to ensure quick connections. It does not encourage deep conversation if the users are not interested in each other.

Indirect forms of interactions like liking other people’s profiles, adding them to the friends’ list, etc. are also possible.

Member structure

Member structure

The site came into existence in 2018. It is relatively the youngest of all famous dating sites available over the internet. Hence, no official information about the age, gender proportion, or geographical location of the users is made available. Reports state that most of the users of this site are from the United States, Mexico, Canada, Australia, and the United Kingdom.

Age of Users

Fast Flirting has not officially given any details about its user’s age group or age preferences. But the site is made aiming at people belonging to the age group 18- 40. Other surveys also report that the most popular age in the site is 24-38. There are also reports that the site is famous among men above the age of 40.

Sexual Preferences

The site asks for its users’ sexual orientation and sexual preferences at the time of registration itself. This is to form the primary and necessary information needed to make the profile and be referred by other users before making the first move. The site also shows the profiles of other users under separate titles based on gender so that users can choose from them. The site welcomes not just heterosexual people but also people belonging to the LGBTQ community.

Racial and Ethnic Orientation

As already mentioned, the site does not ask for much personal information of the users. Therefore, it is not much concerned about its users’ racial or ethnic orientation and does not ask for it during the process of signing up. It is up to the users to find such information about others while chatting with them.

Religious Orientation

The site does not ask for the religious orientation of its users too. It is not interested in going into such details about the users. The users can go for the ten-minute chatting option and find whether they belong to some particular religious group if they want to.

Fast Flirting Features

Fast Flirting Features
  • The site provides different search filters like gender, age, photo only, online now, etc. to help the users narrow down the search results and reach users who fall into the particular group they prefer.
  • The site allows its users to block other people. This is helpful for those users who are receiving a lot of messages from people they are not interested in.
  • Users can browse through profile images and rate the images.
  • The site allows people to search with regional preferences. This is extremely useful for people looking for dates with people near them or people belonging to a particular location.
  • Users can like other people’s profiles and add them to the friends’ list; this can be seen as an indirect form of contacting others.
  • Users can invite other users for private chats.

Safety and Security

Fast Flirting asks its users not to believe in everything that a user writes in his/her profile. There are chances that people try to pretend to be others and do role plays. This happens mainly because of the lack of personal information, any verification process, and payments. The site itself says that the users are completely responsible for their data. It is always advisable not to give any personal information like phone numbers, real names, etc.

The site takes care that inappropriate content is not displayed on the site. Pictures of children or teenagers under 18, low-quality photos, sexually explicit or nude photos, heavily edited photos, images of drugs or weapons or violence, celebrity or scam photos, etc. will be all removed by the team when found.

Users can report the administration if they come across any such content, and the site will take special care to make sure that they are removed. The messages and nicknames are also monitored. If they seem to have some offensive content, the user’s profile can get blocked.

Safety and Security

Is Fast Flirting a Scam?

Fast Flirting is not at all a scam service. It is authentic, and many people use it to find new people. Within a short period, the site has grown immensely, and this wouldn’t have happened if it was a scam service. The site may have several fake profiles, but it has authentic people searching for real relationships.

Subscription types

The site does not have any subscription plans. Every member is equal, and all can get access to every feature offered. This is something that makes the site unique and different from other dating sites.

Free Membership

Every member of the site can only have a free membership. No payment or paid subscription is possible.

There is nothing like paid membership in Fast Flirting. The site is free of cost, and all the users can get access to all the features and peculiarities of the site for free.

Website Design

Website Design

The website allows very straightforward and easy navigation through it. Users will face no difficulty in finding the features they want. Everything has been clearly labeled, and the users can easily find them. The whole site is designed in blue color, and its various shades are making it more pleasing to the eyes and strain-free. The left-hand sidebar of the site has listed out everything that the user needs. It gives options like home, flirts with guys, flirts with girls, inbox, friends, hot photos, who liked me, search, settings, help, and logout.

Using the site is also very simple. The “my profile section” on the home page takes users to their profile, and they can easily make changes there. Adding photos or giving additional information, everything happens in just a click.

Mobile app

Mobile app

Fast Flirting does not have a mobile application version of itself. It is not available on Android or iOS. But the website can be used on mobile phones because it is optimized for mobile devices. The mobile site has all the features that are available on the website, and they are identical.







Fast Flirting is the perfect platform for those people who are in search of some pass time fun. It is straightforward and unique. Chats, flirting, real romantic relationships the site has it all for its users.

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