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Feabie Review

Feabie Review
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Active Audience 52%
Quality Matches 86%
Popular Age 28-33
Profiles 23 742
Reply Rate 87%
Ease of Use 9.1
Popularity 8.7
Fraud Very Rarely
Registration Free
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Pros and Cons

  • Very easy to register yourself: Enter your username along with your email and date of birth. It will take a total of 5 minutes max to complete the registration process.
  • Safe platform to chat with strangers: Feabie is safe as you won't be sharing any sensitive information with strangers. It is completely up to the user where do they take the conversation. The end-to-end encryption on all the chats will make sure that privacy is top-notch.
  • Various topics to talk about: You can know the person by conversations about various topics like their job, interests, preferences, hobbies, or political interests to know each other more widely. The members will be given a chance to talk without any fear of hesitation at all.
  • The wide number of options and opportunities: You can find a match on a wider area with the help of its geolocation feature.
  • Getting each other to know more: Feabie helps to get along with people with similar thoughts. They can talk about various topics and understand each other well.
  • There are several scenarios where talking to strangers can be problematic because they can use confidential data.
  • The most important thing about online dating is not to share many details about yourself with a stranger. It can be a risky affair.
  • In the free version of the application and website, many unnecessary pop-ups and advertisements distract the attention.

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Feabie is a portal for all those chubby little cute and young people who have an interest in finding love or have the curiosity to join a serious long term relationship. Feabie is a part social network site, and they have connected several users quite successfully. All those who are scared of rejection because of their weight or figure is now largely connected and going on dates, thanks to Feabie. It can be a romantic dinner or lunch, or even a fun time with friends. Feabie was designed to come as a helping hand for the heterosexual feederism community. Their initial plan was to help men and women into feederism to connect together and form a long term relationship.

It was launched in 2015 by Grokio LLC. This site mostly works for matchmaking and on the subject of feederism and BBW admiration. So you no longer have to wait to find the most compatible match online.

The reviews of Feabie say that it has some unique features making it one of the best online dating sites for serious relationships or marriage. If you want a perfect place for all the fat or chubby looking singles to indulge in long term relationships, then this is it. This website helps them to meet and connect instantly. The platform will also give the service of free chatting options and can find similar people who will no way make fun of one’s body structure. It has created a lot of curiosity and interest on the internet by making strangers connect without fearing judgment.

You can continue reading to have a piece of more detailed information about Feabie. Further, the article will discuss the advantages and disadvantages and some unique features.

Feabie Review

How does it work?

This social platform comes with some exciting ways of communication. The website has a great community that has no judgmental members. The website offers chatting groups for an enjoyable conversation by indulging in private chat rooms for video or audio chat. The chat rooms are completely safe, and it allows the members to have a hassle-free discussion about their likes and dislikes or preferences, etc. There are about 14 languages supported by Feabie. The founder of this website has made sure that there shouldn’t be any communication barrier between people mainly because of the language.

Some of the famous language preferences here are English, German, Spanish, French, Italian, Portuguese, and Japanese. You can get connected to people around the globe. You can enter your location in your profile by adding a city name or mentioning the zip/postal code. The idea behind this feature is that the system will translate your location to geographical coordinates. With this help, the website will be able to calculate your distance and how far you are from your match. You can also see who’s near your locality showing interest in you and even matches your personality. You can know who lives in your area or somewhere near to your state.

The advanced search tools help users discover people in the area around with similar interests and habits. It helps to find the members with the same frequency match so that it no longer becomes a problem to decide for a lifetime. It is incredibly important to find out individuals with the same thought process so that there are fewer differences within individuals.

You can easily view profiles and photos, posts, and comment on the wall. Therefore it becomes easier to understand the other person in which you are interested. The profile match happens only when a member can go through the details of the other member.

How does it work?

Sign-Up & Login Process

Signing up for Feabie is not a complicated task. The whole process can be completed in nearly 5 minutes. All you need to do is the below things:

The site asks for your gender along with your gender preferences. Once providing this set of information, all you need to do is enter your valid email address and generate a password for your Feabie account. You can cook up a Feabie username, for example, notorious_pie. It mainly works if your identity to be secret. It also creates a sense of excitement and fun. With a different username, it gives the other person an idea about your likes and dislikes.

After this, you need to fill out some personal information, like your age and location. After that, you are free to sign in and meet new people right away. If the members are lucky enough, they will be able to get the best deals on premium accounts and save a lot of bucks. The more effort is put into the profile creation process; the more will be effective in the matchmaking.

Sign-Up & Login Process

Profile Interface

All the profiles that can be found on this website are quite genuine, and all thanks go to the two-step verification process. The email verification makes sure that all the profiles are good, and the members should put a photo to make the profile look attractive.

Instant Matches Are The Special Features About Feabie

This site works for the matchmaking of curvy and supersizes people. It comes up with a unique feature where users can categorize themselves as feeders, BBWs, or BHM’s along with that they can fill in their personal details such as their weight and length. They can post pictures and status on their profile. It can be viewed, liked, and even commented on by matches only, making it all the safer. Timeline details and status updates can be viewed by the followers only. The chat messages are kept in the inbox section unless you decide to answer them or delete them. Moreover, if you want to keep up the conversation with a user, you can simply reply back to them through the chatbox.

Instant Matches Are The Special Features About Feabie

Members structure and activities

The most interesting activity of the member is filling up the answer to questions that can be a lengthy process in setting up your Feabie profile. However, the success ranges of finding your match increases if you answer these questions honestly. Answering these Feabie questions takes you closer to matching a compatible partner. The purpose behind these questions is a chance to know you more and find your match according to your tastes and preferences. The members on your profile will see your desire to meet someone. Just put yourself in their shoes for a sec and get going in meeting your soul mate.

It doesn’t matter what your preferences are as the search interests include age, location, weight, body mass index, sexual kinks and preferences, body type, languages are spoken, relationship status. All details will be given to complete your search for the person of your dreams.

Members structure and activities

Users Age To Create an Account

Feabie is completely safe as it doesn’t allow chat rooms for users under 18 years of age. Therefore there is no way in which one can have unwanted underage encounters on this website.

Sexual Preferences

The website asks for your gender identity and also the genders you are interested in matching with. A person can be homosexual, heterosexual, and even bisexual, and even then, there will be no restriction in getting the registration done.

Race And Ethnicity

This website does not have any restrictions on race and ethnicity- no wonder the community is so diverse.

Race And Ethnicity

Religious Orientation

No religious discrimination is recommended or followed on this platform. Anyone is free to join without being specific about the class or color. Indifferent to the person’s religious orientation, there will be no problems in getting access to the features of the website.

Feabie dating website features

  1. The Feabie website comes up with some great features for answering some questions related to their personality. The matching process becomes easy and reliable with instant messaging and notifications. Personality trait matching is something that every individual would like to find the perfect potential match.
  2. There are many chatting groups for users to have an enjoyable and private conversation. It will enhance community group chats, and the members will be able to engage in a frank talk. Not only that, but the group chat will initiate a lot of interaction- which, in turn, is good for the matchmaking process.
  3. Users can even indulge in private chat rooms for video or audio chat. The website believes that instead of group chats, even one on one conversation is necessary before the final face to face meetup. That is why the video and audio calls are going to have excellent quality over here.
  4. This social platform comes with no fear of being judged from other sides. It is a perfect social media where people can even have erotic conversations without any problem at all. It gives ample topics to talk about, so people don’t have to think twice about the engagement and fun.
  5. Connect and attract by uploading photos, commenting, and liking posts. All the members will be able to set up a photo on their profile and even create a gallery. It becomes easy to connect, and with the help of the ideal profile picture, the members can be assured that the profile is genuine.
  6. View people that are near to you and online, which means globally. You will be able to get members from all parts of the globe, and therefore the interaction will no longer remain confined.
  7. Access the newsfeeds, both global and regionally, of the people you follow. Therefore you will no longer feel bored and have proper engagement.
  8. Filter and searching with the choice of comprehensive criteria. It is very important to understand the preferences that you might have before initiating the conversation. Otherwise, the matchmaking will remain imperfect.

Feabie dating website features

Safety & Security

Let us have a brief about the safety and security options on Feabie. The little research shows that a user must always refer to the site’s safety page. If the dating site lacks a safety and security page you want to join doesn’t have a safety page, it can be dangerous. If any problem arises, you can report directly to Feabie’s help and support system. Trusting your instincts can be better if any suspicious activity is going on in your profile. Make sure not to give any personal information like your phone number or home address to a stranger. Always try and protect the other community member and moderators by bringing in concern about any illegal activities.

Is Feabie Legit Or Scam Service

Feabie is a legitimate service provider with no fraudulent activities. All the profiles are verified, and there will be no chance of regret.

Is Feabie Legit Or Scam Service

Subscription Types And Price

The paid membership is quite inexpensive, and it is only 60USD for a single year.

Free Membership

Many dating sites like Feabie advertise to join free for a particular period. It’s technically free of cost. But there are complaints regarding the opening up of the website. Also, the number of messages was reduced to 10 for free users, and the views of the images can only be 25 per day. It, in a way, takes a lot of time to load the free website. Using of Free Feabie app or website comes up with the restriction of using certain features like the limit on messages for a day. Free sites are distracted by too many ads and noisy pop-ups, distracting the interest of the user.

The paid membership costs only 60 dollars per year, which means it will be affordable for one and all. There are various payment methods, and the paid members will be able to get access to features like – video calls and audio calls.

To avoid slow messaging and blocking sites, many members prefer to go for the paid version to be relieved from the ads. In 2017 it launched some new XL subscriptions to increase its profit stats.

In the paid version, they have the following features:

  • Unlimited photo browsing
  • Unlimited list results
  • Unlimited search results
  • Unlimited messaging
  • Unlimited blocking of annoying people.
  • Unlock my visitors’ list, and you can see who visited your profile.
  • The hassle and Ad-free browsing

Paid membership

Website design and usability

The website design quality is top-notch, and that is indeed good for beginners in the online dating dimension. The design is quite sleek and simple and yet appealing to the eyes.

Mobile application

The mobile application of Feabie is available on all the Android and iOS platforms, and it is easy to download and operate. The installation is easy, and it is good for beginners in this dimension.

Contact information

Company: Grokio Communities

For any help and assistance, you can click the help center option and raise a request.


Feabie is an amazing platform for making connections and finding out the best match. It is quite popular, and that is the reason why it is worth at least a try. After all, even the paid membership isn’t much in cost!

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