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Fling Review

Fling Review
About Site
Active Audience 85%
Quality Matches 88%
Popular Age 18-45
Profiles 2 348 000
Reply Rate 86%
Ease of Use 6.4
Popularity 9.3
Fraud Very Rarely
Registration Free
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Pros and Cons

  • The registration on Fling is simple and quick.
  • The platform offers various search filters.
  • They offer a trial period for which you do not have to pay.
  • Numerous negative reviews do not contribute to a good impression of the website.
  • Poor customer support spoils the entire mood.
  • There are cases of unauthorized money withdrawal from the credit cards of the users.
  • The interface is not user-friendly, which results in inconvenient navigation.
  • A lot of scammers try to get money from you.

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What Is the Idea of the Platform?

If you hope that this is a place where you will find the love of your life, meet a person of your dream, and get married to leave happily ever after, you are wrong. The name of the website speaks for itself. Fling was created and specifically designed as a community of single people who want to spend some good time having sex and no obligations. Members of the platform are looking for casual dating with pleasant sexual encounters without any further responsibilities. They do not go exclusive, and they are just friends with benefits.

So how is it supposed to work? First, you sign up on Fling and create a good and catchy profile. Next, you start browsing other members’ profiles to see if there is someone who looks attractive and is near to you. When you choose someone, you write to them to determine whether they like you and if they want some casual dating. If the answer is positive, this is where the work for the platform finishes for the day. You go to a meeting with this person and have fun. If the answer is no, you are to continue your search on Fling.

How Can One Join the Community?

How Can One Join the Community?

One of the good aspects of the website is a simple registration. It will take you about a minute or two to get access to the platform. Verification is not obligatory. However, if you want to join as a webcam model, you will have to verify your identity.

Info Available in Profiles

First of all, when you register on the platform, you need to choose who you are. Namely, you can choose to be a man, a woman, or a couple. Next, you will be asked to provide some facts about yourself. As such, this is the information about your location, sexual preferences, and your date of birth. You are also suggested to add a photo, though this is not a must. Moreover, there will be other optional fields offered for you to fill them in. They may be skipped. Still, it is highly desirable to pay attention to them if you want to have better matching options. As such, you will need to think of a creative and catchy username to attract other Fling members’ attention. It will also be useful to add data about your appearance, such as hair color, body weight, skin color, etc.

The Process of Matching and Methods of Communication

Before you start browsing available profiles on Fling, you will need to choose the age range within which the search is to be conducted. After this, you may opt to search all profiles or only those with pictures uploaded. If you want to seek only those near you, you will need to put a tick in the respective field. The basic search will also suggest you to set preferences in the race, hair color, and body type. The advanced search options contain more useful filters.

As for messaging, you can immediately start texting after you find an interesting profile. You do not need to wait until you are “matched” with a man, woman, or a couple to initiate a conversation, as on most modern dating websites. However, the reply results are extremely low. Numerous members complain about poor communication. Many users simply do not reply to your messages.

About the Members of the Community

About the Members of the Community

The most popular locations are Canada and the USA. Though Fling is an international dating platform available worldwide, it has a low popularity in other lands. As such, if you are from the United Kingdom, you will rarely see more than ten individuals online and ready for communication. Americans and Canadians have better chances to hook up. When you join Fling, it seems that there are two times as many women as men. But after close examination, you will see that most of the female profiles are fake. They are used by scammers to get money from you. Thus, most of the users are single men who want to get laid. And if you are a man, you should be extremely careful communicating with girls to avoid scam issues.

Age Distribution on the Platform

Most of the Fling members are aged between 25 and 40. And this is natural, since hookup platforms are used mostly by youth. Those under 25 often seek romantic relationships and want to go exclusive with their partners. Mature individuals over 40 prefer serious relations that can result in marriage. Such people often dream of family, kids, stability, and they are not interested in casual dating.

Various Sexual Orientations

Various Sexual Orientations

Fling creators know that sexual encounters happen not only between heterosexual individuals and provide a safe space for all orientations. You can be a gay guy, a lesbian girl, or a bisexual couple. Everyone is equal on this platform. Bi-curious people have the opportunity to experience new feelings, as well.

Different Races

Since the website is more popular in the USA, and America has the most diverse population, all races can be found on the platform. White, Black, Asian, and Latina boys and girls can choose the race of their preference and seek people only of this race. If one does not have any desires regarding race, he or she may search for individuals of all races.

Diverse Beliefs

Though Fling offers you the possibility to filter the search by religion, this is not the main aspect people usually focus on here. Individuals rarely care about their partners’ belief when they seek casual sexual encounters.

Fling Features that May Come in Handy

Fling Features that May Come in Handy

Video chats. Instead of usual and boring texting, you can initiate a video call with your potential date. This may turn a regular conversation into a lively and exciting interaction that may greatly contribute to your sexual experience. Moreover, when you text someone, you cannot render your mood and intonation, and this issue is completely eliminated during video calls.

Webcam performances. If you do not find an appropriate partner within your location, you can always spend some quality time watching beautiful webcam models showing sexy performances for you. This experience will fully compensate for the absence of hookups.

Webcam work. Fling offers an opportunity to get a job and earn money. If you have a beautiful body and something to offer as a sex performance, you may have fun and receive money at the same time. You may enjoy it when guys and girls watch you get naked, please yourself, or have sexual intercourse with a partner in front of your camera.

A three-month guarantee for hookups. This is the feature that could be considered great and attractive had it been real. The idea is that in case you do not find a guy or a girl in three months after registration, you get a full refund if you had a premium account. However, according to multiple reports, this is not how it works. In reality, no one refunds you your money.

Security Has Serious Issues

A lot of ex-users complain about the quality of the service. Multiple reports talk about an extreme number of fake profiles from which the same individuals intend to steal money from you. They pretend to be beautiful girls and handsome guys in need who are desperate to get money to pay the rent or something of the kind. But in fact, all they need is your money. Therefore, one should be extremely careful in joining the community.

Is Fling a Real Scam?

Is Fling a Real Scam?

Fling seems to be a scam. From the very beginning, when one does not have to have a verification to register, this seems to be suspiciously easy. Moreover, there are multiple cases when suggesting a free trial period, Fling requested credit card numbers of the members and withdrew money without their consent. No one could get a refund. As such, one of the users paid over 70 USD though he did not even want to pay.

Payments and Premium Membership

Premium membership on Fling is called Gold Membership. As such, a one month of Gold membership costs 34.95 USD. If you want to make it longer, the 6-months period is priced at 69.95 USD. The most profitable is the annual membership, which will cost you 80 USD.

What Do You Get for Free?

If you do not want to pay money, you should know that you will be rather limited. As such, you will be able to browse profiles, but texting will not be possible. This approach makes attending the platform a meaningless process.

What Do You Get as a Paid Member?

As a paid member, you get access to video chats, local chat rooms, the ability to send messages, and watch webcam performances. With the Gold membership, you get access to all the necessary functions that allow you to get laid. At least, this is how it is supposed to work, which is not the case in reality.

Poor Navigation and Non-Attractive Design

Poor Navigation and Non-Attractive Design

The design brightly evidences that the website has been existing from the 00s of the century. Despite decades passing on, the developers made the decision not to change the design from the time Fling was launched. Some may say this approach is moving and heartbreaking, but it is non-efficient and old-fashioned at the same time. This does not attract a modern user, who is the main target of the website. Numerous features, sections, and buttons do not help the situation. In most of the cases, it is not clear what to tap or click to get a necessary action. Moreover, some buttons often redirect you to the webcam service, which is very inconvenient.

The App Repeats the Website

The Fling’s mobile version does not differ much from its website counterpart. It has the same options, functions, and services as its browser variant. It is also poorly comprehensive, which does not influence the navigation in a positive way. By the way, Fling is banned from the App Store, which is quite demonstrative. Apple cares for its reputation, and if it banned an app, it means a lot. Thus, Fling is available only in the Play Market.

Contact information

Contact information

Company: ICF Technology, Inc

Address: P.O. Box 21508 Seattle, WA 98101


  • The United States Of America: (866) 941-3982
  • Australia: 1800 972 031
  • Canada: (866) 941-3982
  • France: 0 800 90 32 92
  • Germany: 0800 1810993
  • Italy: 800 875 206
  • Switzerland: 0800 896 441
  • The United Kingdom (Great Britain): 0800 098 8202
  • All Other Countries: +1 206-438-0241

E-mail: support@icftechnology.com, dpo@icftechnology.com

Expert’s Opinion

Expert’s Opinion

At first glance, one may think that Fling is a popular community where anyone can easily find a partner for casual dating. However, the review evidences that this is an inconvenient and unreliable hookup website that is better be avoided. Despite free trial days, a great variety of search filters, and simple registration, the platform has many disadvantages that cannot be ignored. Difficult navigation and an old-fashioned and unpleasant design are not the worst things. Though the Fling developers try to create an impression of a caring community, in reality, they provide poor customer service. They not only fail to help but also are successful enough in harming their member’s budget. Extremely bad hookup results are an icing on the cake. Fling is surely a scam that you should never join.

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