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Fuck Marry Kill review

Fuck Marry Kill review
About Site
Active Audience 85%
Quality Matches 85%
Popular Age 26-35
Profiles 2 250 000
Reply Rate 79%
Ease of Use 6.4
Popularity 8.5
Fraud Very Rarely
Registration Free
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Pros and Cons

  • Signing up process and profile creating is quick and simple.
  • The design is pleasant and stylish.
  • The app is easy to use.
  • The game process is a real fun.
  • Desktop version is not available.
  • You can sign up only if you have a Facebook or Instagram account.
  • The payment options are limited.

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  1. The Fuck Marry Kill platform conveys both dating and entertaining principles. The community picks out the following pros of the service:
  2. Users are free to get an account in several minutes.
  3. Subscribers may select the preferred way of registration.
  4. The system implements innovative matching principles to empower a user with more chances to find the perfect match.
  5. The platform design is quite stylish, corresponding to modern trends.
  6. Such a service is affordable for all dating goals.

Users of the application distinguish some weak points as well. The following cons are among the most prominent:

  • The majority of features are paid; therefore, standard members are limited in their chances to meet someone special.
  • Such a service is available for Android devices only. No application for the iOS system has been launched yet.

How does it work?

Fuck Marry Kill

Such a dating service is based on the popular game ‘Fuck Marry Kill’. The participants obtain both a chance to meet someone special and much fun. The rules are straightforward. The system suggests members based on your preferences. You need to vote, selecting among the three different variants: fuck, marry or kill a person.

The system compares your votes, and when you have a mutual interest with someone you love, the Fuck Marry Kill app unblocks the communicative feature. There are numerous dating services, but such a platform provides users with much fun.

Sign-Up & Login Process

Fuck Marry Kill Sign-Up & Login

A step-by-step guide for a Fuck Marry Kill account getting comprises the following steps:

  • Download an application to your Android device (no web version is accessible).
  • Select the preferred way of the registration: sign up with your email address, Facebook profile, or Instagram account.

When a user prefers Facebook or Instagram account for completing the registration, the system automatically obtains all necessary information, including your cover photo. While choosing the email registration option, members have to inscribe their username, gender, age, and upload a photo.

The service does not overload subscribers with detailed profiles, which take much time to be filled in. Such a platform is all about fun; therefore, the registration process is not time-consuming. Inscribe your basic info and start having fun.

Profile Interface

Fuck Marry Kill interface

Your cover image, age, and gender are entirely enough to start a dating game where every subscriber has much chances to find a real life. Furthermore, a user may add more details to his or her profile.

Add your university info to challenge friends joining the service. Write down your brief to catch other members’ interests. Such a field is expected to contain info about your interests, hobbies, etc. As referred to your location, members decide on their own either to allow the platform getting access to your location, or not

No other profile details attached. The main idea lies in offering visitors a convenient and entertaining app that doesn’t force you to think much.


Fuck Marry Kill Matches/Communication

The matching principles such a platform is based on, are rather innovative, but foremost, subscribers need to specify their preferences through available filters. The following ones are accessible:

  • Select a gender of a person you wish the system to display for you (male, female, and both accounts are available).
  • Turn on the location filter, selecting the maximal affordable distance from your city. Choose the distance from 30 km to 300 km. Furthermore, users are free to pick up the ‘worldwide’ option.
  • Specify the age limits from 18 to 60+.

When those filters are chosen, return to the homepage, waiting for the search results. This dating application is based on the following matching algorithm:

  1. The system selects three random users among all members who correspond to your search filters.
  2. A member decides whom he or she wishes to fuck, then to marry, and finally – to kill. Note that your first vote matches with ‘to fuck’. Then you select ‘to marry’, and the final vote is correlated with ‘to kill’.

Note that you should make all three choices. When a person you wish to marry, makes the same choice, the system unblocks a communication option for you. Send messages for free, and who knows: perhaps, you are on the way towards your life-time love.

When your choice is a little hard, hold on a user’s cover profile to get more profile information and then make your final decision. The service developers wish to make the service useful for the subscribers; therefore, when you have no idea how to start the conversation, ask for a hint. Hints are available in English, German, and Portugal languages.

Members structure

Fuck Marry Kill structure

Such a service is available throughout the world, but some users face problems with the Fuck Marry Kill platform. In some countries, visitors get a notification that such a service is not available in their country.

The whole community exceeds 100 000 members. Such a service was launched in 2019, and now its popularity increases, attracting new visitors, impressed by an exciting idea. As referred to the target audience, the service aims to attract young people who wish to combine entertainment with love search.

Users’ Age

Fuck Marry Kill age

The platform implements no age limitation. Meanwhile, visitors under 18 are not welcome to join the platform. According to the current legislature, dating platforms’ audience should be older than 18, and Fuck Marry Kill follows to that rule strictly. If the team detects accounts owned by users under 18, an immediate ban is considered as sanctions.

Male accounts are 68.4% of the whole members, while the remaining 31.6% of registered persons are women. As referred to the age distribution, there are no essential differences between male and female representatives. The age statistics are as follows:

  • under 25 years: 32.4%;
  • 25 – 35 years: 41.8%;
  • 35 – 45 years: 16.4%;
  • 45 – 55 years: 8.1%;
  • 55+ years: 1.3%.

Sexual Preferences

Fuck Marry Kill age

The Fuck, Marry, Kill platform puts no accent on the users’ sexual orientation. No matter what is a member’s sexual preferences, visitors are welcome to join the platform. Select your gender within the registration process.

There is no sexual preference option among the available search filters; however, users can decide which profiles to display for them (male only, female only, both).

Race and Ethnicity

No matter what your ethnicity is, the platform welcomes all users to join the service. Fuck Marry Kill is available worldwide, but the largest number of subscribers represents five countries. Those are the USA (34.67%), Canada (11.29%), UK (9.41%), Netherlands (7.18%), and Portugal (5.11%).

Religious Orientation

Fuck Marry Kill Orientation

Such an application has no religious specification. Users cannot indicate their religion while filling in their profiles. The same concerns search filters. No religion filter attached.

Fuck Marry Kill Dating Website Features

Members should pay the game foremost to unblock the messaging option. Note that you can communicate with those subscribers who pick up ‘Marry’ as well. When there are no matches, keep playing, have fun, and wait until your perfect match appears.

Users are accessible to view their statistics. Get access to the received votes to understand how many subscribers wish to fuck, marry, or kill you. Note that a standard account displays users who wish to kill you only.

Aside from the standard rules, there are special offers for those users who purchase add-ons and premium membership. Those features include the following abilities:

  • a wink sending. Show your interest and find yourself in the match list of a person you send a wink.
  • power votes. Those votes empower a user with an ability to select ‘Fuck’, ‘Marry’, or ‘Kill’ on all three profiles simultaneously.

Safety & Security

Fuck Marry Kill Safety & Security

Users consider the Fuck Marry Kill service safe and secure, as the platform displays no real names, contact information, and other personal data obtained from Facebook and Instagram pages. What’s more important: the platform never makes any publications on your profile pages in social networks. Your personality is kept in secret.

The FMK team takes an obligation to use the obtained information for providing services only. Your personal data is about not to transferred to third parties. Read thoroughly the directives placed within the ‘Privacy Policy’. Those are considered as the ground for solving all disputes between the team and the subscribers.

Users are protected by the service’s team that monitors profiles, seeking for offensive content and nudity which are entirely forbidden. The violation of the platform rules leads to an immediate ban. Users are available to report a member in case of noticing inappropriate or harassing content. Hold on a profile and then click on ‘Report’ in the lower right-hand corner. The system suggests selecting between two reasons (irrelevant or offensive picture).

Is Fuck Marry Kill Legit or Scam Service?

The service is intended for having fun foremost; meanwhile, the platform belongs to the category of dating ones; therefore, scammers join the app from time to time. Most users are verified because of using their Facebook and Instagram profiles to register on the platform.

The team takes enough effort to detect scammers and catfishes. Those profiles are suspended forever without any possibilities to be renewed.

Subscription types and price

Fuck Marry Kill types and price

Such an application is convenient for every member, as subscribers may communicate with other members for free, in case of a mutual match. Furthermore, there are the VIP subscription and many add-ons which make the platform even more functional.

Premium membership plan/add-ons Price for one week/one credit Total price
1-week premium membership €4.99 €4.99
VIP account for one month €2.49 €7.99
VIP membership for one year €1.99 €103.48
10 winks €0.35 €3.49
20 winks €0.32 €6.49
30 winks €0.28 €8.49
15 voted profiles €0.08 €1.29
30 voted profiles €0.06 €1.99
50 voted profiles €0.05 €2.79
account boosting for 24 hours €0.99 €0.99
account boosting for 48 hours €1.29 €1.29
account boosting for 72 hours €2.49 €2.49
10 power votes €0.15 €1.49
30 power votes €0.06 €1.99
50 power votes €0.06 €2.99

Thus, users are empowered to make the service as much functional as they wish. Note that all add-ons and the premium membership are independent, and a subscriber is able to purchase all of them or just some, depending on goals.

Fuck Marry Kill is a Portugal-based company; therefore, all prices are given in the euro. Banking cards are the best way to complete the purchase. Insert your payment data and confirm the transaction. When your banking card supports other currency, it will be automatically converted to euro. Note that some banks may charge additional fees.

What’s more useful! The service grants persons who’ve invited their friends to join the service. One invited friend brings you five voted profiles, one wink, and an account boosting for 5 hours.

Free Membership

Standard account owners are accessible to use the following features:

  • filling in the available profile information;
  • using suggested searching filters to make a choice precise;
  • playing the Fuck Marry Kill game without any limits;
  • viewing detailed profiles of other users;
  • communicating with members having a mutual match with you;
  • reporting a user if there detected some violations of the system rules;
  • inviting friends and getting pleasant bonuses.

Hence, subscribers who’ve purchased no premium subscription or add-ons get access to main features; therefore, a default user can have much fun, spending no money. When you are interested in making the platform more functional, premium features are necessary.

The VIP account unblocks the winking feature. Send an unlimited number of winks to persons you wish to initiate a contact with. Hold on a person’s profile and click on the ‘wink’ icon in the lower right-hand corner to send your wink, showing your interest. Such action adds you to a matching list of a person you choose. Winks may be purchased as an independent add-on.

Default members may know who’s marked their profile as ‘kill’, while ‘marry’ and ‘fuck’ marks are not available. Purchase voted profiles to unblock such a feature. Furthermore, that is sometimes hard to choose between three offered profiles, and a user wishes to change the rules. Power votes make it possible to vote three times ‘kill’, ‘fuck’, or ‘marry’.

Boost your account to be always among the top-rated search results. Select the preferred period of an account boosting and take your first positions.

While purchasing premium features, this dating game becomes even more interesting. Use the Fuck Marry Kill service for entertaining or finding someone special who is able to make your life more interesting.

Website design and usability

Fuck Marry Kill is an application intended for mobile devices. No web version has been launched yet; therefore, members have to download the service first to get access to such a dating game.

Mobile application

The service target audience comprises persons aged 18 – 35 years; therefore, the developers decided to launch mobile applications only. Meanwhile, there is no app for iOS devices.

Subscribers should enter the Google Play and download the Fuck Marry Kill application. Note that such an app requires at least 4.4 version of Android and 14 MB of free storage space. Users rate the service at 4.2 out of 5 stars, accentuating the platform is both functional and straightforward.

When the registration is completed, members get access to voting. The upper menu contains the following features:

  1. Profile info. Edit your profile, upload new photos, invite friends, and view who’s voted you.
  2. Ask for help. Send your friends a request to join the service via popular messengers.
  3. Messaging history. Enter your chatroom and communicate with other users.
  4. Premium features. Upgrade your default account, getting access to the fullest profile functionality.

The application is characterized by a bright, stylish design that catches attention in a moment. All necessary features are at subscribers’ fingertips. Such an app is a perfect solution to pass the time when you have to wait for something (queue, traffic jam, etc.).

Contact information

While having a question concerning the platform, add-ons, or privacy policy, apply to Fuck Marry Kill customer support and obtain an answer as quickly as possible. There are the following ways to contact the platform team:

  • Click on the first icon (Profile info), scroll down, and open settings. Select ‘Send us Feedback’. Type your message, depicting your problem in detail. Press on the ‘Send’ button finally.
  • Visit the company’s office in Lisbon (Portugal). The address is Rua 3 da Matinha, 101, 1950-326.


Most dating platforms annoy subscribers with multiple information, detailed profiles, etc. The Fuck Marry Kill service developers have chosen another way, combining dating features with fun. They offered every member an opportunity to relax and find someone special, by the way.

The application is based on the well-known game, where users should select step-by-step whom they wish to fuck, to marry, and to kill, while the service offers three profiles based on selected searching filters.

The registration process is entirely straightforward. Spend some 2 minutes to get on the service via your Facebook profile, Instagram account, or email.

Standard users consider the service as useful, and that is among the top strong points. You are not obliged to purchase premium subscription or add-ons, while those make a website using more functional.

As referred to the cons, there are many fake accounts, but the team takes measures to detect such profiles and ban them immediately. Furthermore, the Fuck Marry Kill service is temporarily unavailable for iOS devices.

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