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Happn Review

Happn Review
About Site
Active Audience 90%
Quality Matches 94%
Popular Age 25-34
Profiles 45 000 000
Reply Rate 95%
Ease of Use 7.8
Popularity 9.4
Fraud Very Rarely
Registration Free
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Pros and Cons

  • Free;
  • Easy to use;
  • It is certainly a fun and spontaneous way to break the ice.
  • A still limited catchment area;
  • Requires having a Facebook account to register, sometimes distances are not measured accurately.

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Happn a dating app that boasts over forty-five million users worldwide, with great response at a European level.

It’s a very nice idea, which has been made available for Android, iOS, and Windows Phone. This dating app does not work like most of the products that have enriched this sector over the years, often already seen and reviewed.

In this case, it all starts with first eye contact. It means that it will allow its members to find the people they have had the opportunity to meet during the day.

Were you on the bus, and did you notice a nice boy or girl getting on right at the stop where you were about to get off? Let Happn work for you, to track down the people you meet and with whom a good feeling could be born. You will find out below what are its pros and cons.


How Does This Site Work?

Living in a big city can always allow us to meet new people, but it is often a big limitation. Since we live surrounded by individuals who pass by us, and we ignore them. Just a photo, a smartphone, an active GPS, and Happn will do everything by itself, becoming your cutest and most original ally searching for interesting people who deserve to be discovered. It is sufficient to give consent to the use of geolocation to record all your movements. And in that way, Happn will be able to evaluate the matches with the other members. Movements, similar places, clubs, monuments, and squares where you have had the opportunity to touch one or more people that you may not have had the opportunity to stop or notice. It’s a very nice way to differentiate yourself from other dating apps, which usually doesn’t affect the possible meeting between two people.

Just sign up through Facebook or by entering your phone number. Don’t worry: The app has been assured that it will not publish in your name on the popular social network to maintain maximum anonymity with your friends.

The registration is immediate, and you can immediately proceed with selecting your ideal type: man or woman? And what age? This way, you set the important filters to help you find a suitable partner for you. From that moment on, only the people you meet on the street could become a possible match. Scroll through their profiles, and evaluate how to interact, choosing between two modes: hello or like. With the second, you do not reveal your identity, and it is based only on the reciprocity of the tap. So if the other person likes you too, you can proceed with the ” crush ” phase and finally get in touch through the chat. While if you use the hello, you reveal who you are. However, you only have ten hellos a day if you have the basic app.

Once you have unlocked the common interest, you can have fun retracing your ” first unofficial meeting, “seeing on the map the place or the road where you crossed without realizing it.

Happn How Does This Site Work

Sign-up & Login Process For Happn

There are two very easy ways to create your Happn account. You can choose between signing up with your Facebook account or registering with your mobile number. Well, both the process will require you to provide some necessary detail. Let’s review both of them.

  • If you want to register via Facebook account, you will need to have an account on the social network Facebook. Because of Facebook Connect technology, the incidence of false profiles or without photos is minimized. With the use of your Facebook profile, the registration process is much easier and safer.
  • If you don’t want to sign-up via Facebook account, you can register it using your mobile number. For this, you will only need to provide basic information to register. It includes your name, date of birth, and gender. They will also ask you for other information about your work, studies, and description, but this information is not mandatory.

After creating your account, you can start using it right away. Unlike other dating apps, Happn doesn’t quarantine them until they undergo a verification or approval process.

Happn Sign-up & Login Process For Happn

Profile Interface

Notably, you will find Happn has one of the best interfaces compared to other dating apps. If you give it a close look, you will find that the photos are great, and the app is very good to operate. Furthermore, the profile creation is pretty straightforward.

Matches And Communication

Ae, you already know that Happen is a chat site. Therefore, the main mode of communication to connect with other members is through a chat message. You have to visit the profile of the person you want to contact, and there press the like button. Once you both get matched with each other, you can start chatting with the recipient by pressing the “Chat” button. A text box will be provided, and you have to type your message and then send it.

Sounds too good? Well, to draw the line between premium accounts and basic accounts, the possibility for the latter to communicate is limited. Every day you only have the opportunity to chat with the members that the site chooses for you. Other than that, you can’t chat with a verified user unless you verify yourself.

Happn Matches And Communication

Members Structure And Activities

Happn has been improving in recent years, especially in terms of the male / female ratio. Not too long ago, the number of women did not even reach 15% of this application’s total users to flirt, and today they already represent 30%. It is still a much lower percentage than that of men, but it represents an interesting rise. The campaign that the company has launched to offer the use of Happn free to women has helped to balance the scales a little more.

Furthermore, Happn recommends its users to keep their mobile device’s GPS since it is a geolocation application. The location must be as exact as possible, so people’s information will be more accurate.

Users Age

The predominant age range in Happn is the population between 25 and 34 years old, with more than 50%. The second group in this app is those between 18 and 24 years old. Due to their characteristics, people aged 45 and over are hardly represented in Happn.

Sexual Preferences

Happn is not limited to straight couples and expanded its scale for gay, lesbian, and bisexual.

Race And Ethnicity

On this dating app, almost 90% of registered members belong to different races and ethnicities. As this dating site try to break the traditional dating rules and supports interracial dating. It allows you to go out of your way to understand and date those who are different from you in reference to caste, nationality, and religion. Now break the bars and expand the way you see the people and date interracial people.

Religious Orientation

As you already know, the Happn website supports interracial relationships. It means it has the users from all the religions. And not only limited to the Christian community.

Happn Religious Orientation

Happn Dating Website Features

On the Happn website, users will get the search option. They will search according to their preferences in the search bar and after that send likes to them. If the recipient accepts it, that means both the users like each other’s profile. And ultimately, they get chances to talk via chat tab. The website also lets you add new photos from your device memory, directly from the camera or Instagram, so that your profile looks more interesting. And by doing so, your profile will get more requests and increase the probability of meeting with your dating partner as soon as possible.

But if you log in with Facebook, your Happn account imports a considerable amount of your photos on that social network. It is important to note that these photos imported from Facebook can be edited or deleted from Happn.

Happn Dating Website Features

Safety And Security

Happn’s privacy and security policies are strict. It focused on maintaining the integrity of its subscribers’ data. Therefore photos are published only with the consent of the user.

The data that Happn requests at the time of registration and to which it has access from the Facebook profile are Name, Gender, Date of birth, Interests, Email address, etc.

Note: It should be noted that this last piece of information is not visible to the public).

Is Happn Legit Or Scam Service

There is no doubt that Happn is a legit application. Its security system makes it the best app for users. On the site, almost 90% of men seem genuine and looking for a real date. However, it’s not mean it is completely free from scams. Some are fake, so make sure you deal with the verified people.

Happn Safety And Security

Subscription Types And Price

Happn is not only available in a basic version, but also includes the use of a subscription to access the Premium version. If you want to activate some additional functions, then you have to take the Premium subscription.

By doing so, you will access those people who have already shown an appreciation of your profile, and then they give it “like.” Besides, you will get the option to choose to keep confidential your personal information from other users. Furthermore, you will never be bothered by the users you already disliked. Last but not least, you will also get the advantage of being able to browse without advertising. Let’s continue with the Happn review to know what specific features the basic version or premium version has in store.

Happn Subscription Types And Price

Free Membership For Basic Users

The free features for users on Happen are quite limited. You can essentially download the app and see how it works. But to start a conversation, you need a subscription. This is because sending hello costs credit. However, as soon as you sign up, you are given three free credits to start experimenting with the app.

Once you know that you need a subscription to use Happn, you need to know the costs of the Premium plan to decide it. You can say that these are not exorbitant prices; on the contrary, they are quite affordable. However, having to pay to chat is a big drawback, especially if you consider that other apps offer the same functions at no cost. But If you want to be picky though, you must also say that Happn is the only application that allows you to find people you met on the street. Let’s get to the point: what are the costs? Here is a summary: for 12 months you pay $ 9.17 per month, for six months you pay $ 13.66 per month, and for one month you have to pay $ 22.99

The Premium plan gives you the ability to access the list of people who have liked you, send your “Hello,” switch to the invisible mode and customize your profile. Of course, you avoid advertising.

Happn Free Membership For Basic Users

Website Design And Usability

The design of the application is simple and less complicated, which makes it a very intuitive app. Even if you close the app, Happn will continue to locate the places you pass by and show you potential partners that you have come across on your way.

Mobile Application

Happn application has many more features in their store. Let’s see what they are?

  • After registering and downloading Happn on your mobile device, you can customize your profile and make it more attractive.
  • You can also share information on your profile, data that talks about you, your interests, profession, or studies. In this way, when you come across an interesting person on the street, they can know a little more about you.
  • You can share your favorite musical selection with the people you like using the tab called “my musical selection.” Besides, Happn allows you to connect your account on Spotify. In Happn, you can automatically share a playlist of your 25 favorite songs. This list connected to your Spotify profile will be updated based on your musical habits and tastes.
  • To start meeting people, you should send them a greeting and hope to receive one back. In Happn, the communication is given by mutual interest. If you are rejected, you will not be able to establish communication with that person.
Happn Mobile Application

Contact Information

Happn has a contact section where you can send messages with concerns related to the service.

To contact Customer Service, you must do so through your Facebook profile, so they will find the easiest way to help you. The attention time is generally fast, as long as you write to him during business hours. However, if you write to them after hours, you will get an automatic response indicating that you will receive the expected attention in a short time.

You can also see the company’s contact details below:

Company address: 8, Rue du Sentier 75002 Paris

Mobile number: NK

Website: www.happn.com

Email address: contact@happn.fr

Happn Contact Information


This Happn review shows that this site is one of the best options for those who want love in their life, whether it is for a short period or a serious relationship. Many people around the world have made dates and even the love of their life with this application’s help. The happiness of its users shows the acceptance of Happn that and the fact of adding more and more users.

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