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Kasidie Review

Kasidie Review
About Site
Active Audience 89%
Quality Matches 69%
Popular Age 25-45
Profiles 1 850 000
Reply Rate 66%
Ease of Use 9.5
Popularity 9.2
Fraud Very Rarely
Registration Free
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Pros and Cons

  • Easy Registration
    Kasidie provides a simple process to register yourself and lets you set up the profile in a couple of minutes.
  • Event-Centered
    Website It is one of the best sites in its niche, as it organizes various parties all around the globe. It also helps its users to enter multiple dress-up based events.
  • Discreet and Censored View
    This website has come up with a great feature of surfing the user base without any adult content. In case you are in a public place, tap on the "Enable Discreet Viewing" feature, and all explicit materials go blur.
  • Tremendous Amount of Active
    Users Kasidie provides a great user interface that hosts up to fifty thousand active members weekly.
  • Journey Features
    Users looking for casual hookups can enjoy this tool and find their dates nearby to have a good time with.
  • Free Membership Won’t Get You Too Far
    There is nothing much to do if you are a free member, and it is one of the biggest cons as you are unable to use any feature or perform any function.
  • Major Emphasis on Couples
    This website's member structure constitutes 30% single females, 10% single males, and the remaining 60% are taken up by couples. It is a significant reason singles out there feel left out.
  • Messy Interface
    Though the website is full of features, it still lags in terms of the user interface. All the elements are just untidily heaped to fill the main page.
  • No Email Verification
    Kasidie does not provide email verification; thus, the authenticity of the profile is questioned, proving various members to be bogus.

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Kasidie is a swinger dating site that caters to couples and singles with its super-hot tagline — “Just remember my name; you’ll be screaming it later.”

Erotica parties and Journey features make the website more popular than its competitors. This site allows you to hang up, party, and even hook up with your partner. In this Kasidie review, you will get to know all the ins and outs of this adult dating platform.

How Does It Work?

Kasidie is an extensive swinger dating network that helps singles and couples make a hookup match. If you carefully look at it, you will notice that it is similar to Facebook. It can be called adult Facebook due to many similarities, like sending or accepting friend requests, posting journeys, secret meeting places, etc. However, only elite class members can enjoy all the perks. Free visitors can use a tiny part of the website.

Various events, journeys, and secret meeting places make this service quite interesting. In terms of matching, free members can only accept and receive friend requests and cannot send any messages. Therefore, you need to buy a premium membership to enjoy all the features of Kasidie.

Sign-Up & Login Process

Sign-Up and Login Process

Creating an account on Kasidie is simple. Once you open the website, you will find the signup questionnaire on the right side; it starts with choosing a username and password for future logins. After that, you’ll have to enter your email address, select the preference of signing up as a single male, single female, or as a couple. If any Kasidie user has referred you to this website, you can mention the username in the Referred By column.

Underneath that, there is a checkbox where you must confirm that you are over 18 years of age and agree to Kasidie’s Terms of the User Agreement.

Once you complete these details, click on the LOG-ON button, and your account is ready to rock and roll.

Wait, wait, wait! You’re not done yet. Add a few details about yourself, like your location and age. After that, you have to upload a profile picture. Then, click on ‘Complete Signup!’ and your profile is ready to use.

Profile Interface

The profile interface is quite complicated and covered with various choices that can be chosen by the users. If you are a couple, you get an extra section named “His Likes” and “Her Likes.” However, this is only for the couple’s account and not for single males or females.

Kasidie’s profile interface features a lengthy questionnaire that is fun to fill. It is one of the significant factors on which the matchmaking process of this swinger dating site depends. It is crystal clear that profile creation is a time-consuming task and can take some time, but you won’t get bored, for sure.


Kasidie does not only provide features such as chat or instant messages but Secret Meeting Place and Journey, which help its members have sexual encounters. International, national and local events make it possible to interact with various people. Therefore, its users can enjoy many features to communicate and meet for a date or hookup.

Members Structure and Activities

Members Structure and Activities

The member structure of Kasidie is unique according to various aspects such as user age, sexual preferences, religious orientation, race, and ethnicity, etc. Continue reading to know more about this adult dating site’s member structure, events, and activities.

Users Age

Kasidie hosts active users of almost every age group across all over the globe. The main age bracket is 18-55+, but male users aged 25-34 are most active. Female participants from the age group of 35-44 seem to be highly participating in the same events.

Sexual Preferences

It is quite awkward to know that this site does not provide dating for the LGBTQ+ community but lets you set your gender as LGBTQ+. However, Kasidie only allows one to select a single male or single female to find your date. If you are a couple, then it is great news for you because 60% of the community are couples.

Race and Ethnicity

Kasidie has an international community. Members of a particular region, race, or ethnicity are shown based upon your present location and preferences. Everyone on the platform is treated equally.

Religious Orientation

This dating site supports its members worldwide and is an open dating platform for people of every religious orientation.

Kasidie Dating Website Features

  1. There are various sex events worldwide.
  2. Kasidie has fantastic sex toys for both premium and free members.
  3. The Journey feature allows you to meet up with other members to hang up, party, or even hook up. Here, you can see other users’ travel plans, too.
  4. Club listing helps you to find club parties nearby.
  5. The Sexometer allows you to know when things get hot.

Safety & Security

Safety and Security

Kasidie is one of the safest adult dating websites in the niche. 80% of its users are verified, with a corresponding badge on the profile. There is no way for a fake account to enter this site; however, if any get in, the customer support team will quickly eliminate them.

Is Kasidie Legit or Scam Service?

Many adult dating sites prove to be trustworthy but fail to deliver quality services. However, Kasidie is not one of those, and it is 100% legit. It doesn’t tolerate any scamming activities. Still, there is a chance that you can come across some inactive profiles, but almost every other member is hyperactive here.

Subscription Types and Price

There are various free features that you can enjoy. However, if you want to access all the perks available, you have to purchase a membership. It comes with different plans; go for the one that suits your pocket: Monthly, Quarterly, Semi-Annually, and Annually. The prices are 19.95 USD, 45.00 USD, 75.00 USD, and 129.95 USD, respectively.

Once you select your subscription, you have to enter your payment details. Kasidie does not offer many payment options as compared to other platforms. You can only pay through your credit card, which can be Visa, MasterCard, or Discover. After filling in your credit card details, you have to enter your billing address and complete the payment process.

Free Membership

Once you register, you are a free member of Kasidie. You can avail of basic functions only:

  1. Browse Parties Nearby

View the events organized internationally, nationally, and locally.

  1. Search for Members

You can always find your favorite members or get in touch with newcomers.

  1. Browse and Club Listings

Club Listings allow you to know about ongoing swinger parties that you can browse through only.

  1. View Forums

You can only view forums and not participate in writing or commenting.

  1. View and Buy Sex Toys

Kasidie allows you to visit the sex toys page named eXXXtra.

Kasidie allows you to visit the sex toys page named eXXXtra.

Hence, there is much to do on this swinger dating website, but premium membership widens your horizons tremendously. So, let’s see what perks you get if you switch to the premium version.

Paid Membership

Kasidie paid membership provides you with the best experience possible. Below are the features you can enjoy as a premium subscriber:

  1. Join Chatrooms

You can join chatrooms, chat, and send flirts.

  1. Email

Premium members have an additional opportunity to send emails to their match and can further continue their chatting through Hangouts.

  1. View Profiles

Go through various members’ profiles and look at their bio, likes, etc.

  1. Join Forums

You can not only read but join the discussions.

  1. Post Secret Meeting Place

You can post a date offer and meet various people. You can check the posts of other members, too.

Upgrading to the premium membership allows you to do everything on the website. It will bring the maximum number of swingers to you, and it is obvious that upgrading your profile is worth every single penny.

Website Design and Usability

Kasidie reminds you of the old classical site that provides you a feeling of authenticity. It boasts of many features at the top of the homepage that can be easily accessible. However, overall, it gives you a cluttered look that makes the website untidy. You can switch to the mobile version, and you will have an optimized view of the site.

Mobile Application

Mobile Application

Kasidie does not have a mobile application. It is only available as the desktop version easily switched into the mobile site just by clicking a single button.

Contact Information

Company: Kasidie Entertainment, LLC

Address: 6370 W. Flamingo Road, Suite 27, Las Vegas, NV 89103

Phone: +1 (702) 882-2525

Email: admin@kasidie.com; copyrights@kasidie.com


When you seek the greatest adult dating website, Kasidie will undoubtedly meet your requirements. This platform offers you a vast number of genuine and engaged users. Its VIP membership is worth every cent as its special features will deliver the best swinging experience. As a bonus, you can purchase various sex toys. Clubs, secret meeting places, journeys — all this will make your dating journey unforgettable.

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