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MeetMindful Review

MeetMindful Review
About Site
Active Audience 54%
Quality Matches 92%
Popular Age 20-23
Profiles 2 000 000
Reply Rate 90%
Ease of Use 7.1
Popularity 9.2
Fraud Very Rarely
Registration Free
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Pros and Cons

  • The platform has like-minded individuals who want more than romantic relationships and whom you can build a friendship.
  • The app is available for free download.
  • Both the iPhone and Android users can download the app.
  • The registration process can be done via Facebook, in which the information from Facebook can be synched to your account.
  • The entire registration process is free.
  • There is a verification process in the sign-up that promotes the use of real accounts.
  • There are search filters that allow members to search for their preferred matches.
  • There is a chatroom provided to users.
  • The website has an interactive interface.
  • The profile information can be modified.
  • The mobile application contains many bugs and may work slowly in case you need instant account access.
  • The registration process takes a long time; that is, a minimum of five minutes.
  • Users experience several crashes when using a mobile application.
  • There is a limited membership and, thus, limited matches available.
  • Some of the essential features, such as the advanced search filter and browse mode, are limited.
  • The audience is majorly located in the big cities.

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MeetMindful is a relatively new online dating platform with individuals searching for long-term relationships and friendships involving a spiritual bond. It belongs to MeetMindful Inc. The company was first launched in the year 2015. It is a growing site currently standing at a membership of over 300,000 active profiles.

The audience is from countries worldwide with a majority of the members, making up more than three-quarters of the total membership being from the United States. There are nearly 38,000 new members every month.

As the name suggests, MeetMindful brings together individuals who want to live positively, are health conscious, and have a mindful lifestyle to create friendship and love. You are provided with options in which you will live mindfully, and you must show how you are going to live with this lifestyle.

This site connects you with like-minded individuals daily and provides articles on mindful dating and relationships.

How It Operates

How It Operates

MeetMindful works by bringing together likeminded individuals who first register to the site and complete their profiles with the principal aim of finding long-term relationships, finding friendship, and love with a spiritual bond.

The users can search for their potential Soulmates by specifying their searches based on their preferences, such as location, age, and diet. The basic membership only allows searches based on the distance that is the basic search criteria on the platform.

Members can connect via the chatrooms available on the website, and unlimited chats and likes are available on premium membership. Individuals can pass on the profiles that they are not interested in. The detailed profiles help members to find their desired partners easily. The incomplete or empty profiles easily get ignored by people on this platform.

Sign-Up & Login Process

The sign-up process takes a slightly longer time than other dating sites—it can take a minimum of 5 minutes to register. This registration process can be done via Facebook or Email and involves a verification process. For successful account creation, you are required to provide a valid email address that should be verified.

You are supposed to fill in some of the profile information to complete the process, but you can opt not to complete it. If you sign-up through Facebook, your personal information would be automatically transferred from your Facebook account to your profile. After email verification, a series of questions are provided that you have to fill in, but you are free to skip the questions leaving your profile blank.

Sign-Up & Login Process

Profile Interface

The MeetMindful website profile allows you to disclose your lifestyle and values and find someone who fits your features. As soon as you’ve created your account, you can create your profile. The profile creation takes a little longer as a detailed profile is provided, unlike other dating sites that offer quick and limited profile information.

You can send other users a notification asking them to complete their profiles if they have a lot of missing profile information. This acts as an icebreaker that allows you to connect with other members. They can either respond by adding details on their profiles or not, giving you the go-ahead of sending them a message.

The profile details provided are mainly the essay-type questions that allow you to express yourself freely. You are free to either complete your profile details or not. However, a complete profile gives you a chance to obtain your matches quickly.

You can add up to six photos during your profile creation, either on paying or non-paying membership and can modify your profile information.

The profile details take up almost half of the page on the site. This allows you to determine your matches based on their profile information quickly.

The profile details provided is divided into the following three levels:

  1. General account information: This is where you input the basic information that describes you. The public account information includes your basic info such as age, occupation, relationship status, diet, and religion.
  2. Surface: Here, you describe what you are looking for, your preferences, likes, and dislikes. You describe what others can say about you.
  3. Depth: This involves your descriptions concerning your lifestyle, values, and beliefs. It tells how you will live mindfully as well as your commitment to the lifestyle on the site.

Profile Interface

Matching & Communicatinng

The site offers quick matches that can suit your preferences. The matching algorithm is partly automatic and presents you with recommendations mainly offered based on your location. You can modify your distance range circumference for your search partner to suit your needs.

Search filters are provided that enable you to search for potential matches with your set preferences. Additionally, the search features available on basic membership involve only location and distance specifications. On premium membership, advance search features are available where you can search for your potential match based on your desired specifications.

This platform offers three main types of communication that include likes, messaging, and chat rooms.

You are provided with features that allow you to like other individuals’ profiles, and can also like yours. Ten matches are provided to non-paying members daily, and you can decide on whom to like on the list provided. The non-paying members can like a profile after viewing; if the other person likes theirs, they are added to each other’s contact list. This makes up connections that represent people whom you can send messages.

You are free to message your matches on basic membership. However, to chat with those you haven’t made a connection yet, one must upgrade to premium. A chatroom is available for users to connect via chats. Once you check someone’s profile that you like, you can easily send them a message to create a conversation.

Audience and Activities

MeetMindful Review: What To Know

The members on MeetMindful are from different countries, with a majority being from the United States. There are twice as many females as males registered. The users have the same aim of finding friendship and long-term relationships on the platform. Other features, including age, sexual preferences, race and ethnicity, and religious orientation can be used to further describe users:

Users Age

MeetMindful is an adult site; thus, all members should be 18 years and above to register. The registered users are from all age categories ranging from the youth aged 18 years to the old above 55. The age of the majority of the users ranges between 20 years to 30 years.

Sexual Preferences

MeetMindful Review: What To Know

This website is open for all sexual preferences and orientations but is majorly restricted to straight relationships. You are required to spell out your sexual orientation and preference during the registration process. You can find straight members, lesbians, gays, among other sexualities.

Race and Ethnicity

The site accommodates people of diverse races and ethnic backgrounds who have the same intelligence of looking for their potential matches. It includes the Whites, Caucasians, Blacks, Black Americans, among other races and ethnic backgrounds.

A paid membership allows you to filter your search for a potential Soulmates using your race and ethnicity preferences on the advanced search filter.

Religious Views

MeetMindful Review: What To Know

This website allows members from all religious affiliations to come together and connect. The individuals here, however, want to meet majorly for long-term relationships with a spiritual bond. Thus, religion is important on this platform and has to be indicated on one’s profile.

MeetMindful’s Dating Website Features

MeetMindful offers several essential features to its members. All of these features are available on premium membership but limited on basic membership. The following are the main essential features provided on this website.

  • Advanced Search Filters: This allows you to use your specifications to filter your search for potential matches. Some of these filters include intentions, diet, religion, and so forth.
  • Chat Anyone: This is a premium feature that allows you to chat with individuals you haven’t made connections with.
  • Browse Mode: This enables you to look at many profiles simultaneously, and you can save some of the profiles for you to visit later.
  • See who’s Premium: This enables you to check those members on premium membership to know whom you can text and expect a message back from them even before matching.

MeetMindful Safety & Security

MeetMindful Review: What To Know

The website is keen on ensuring all members’ safety and security by protecting their accounts with their private information. There is a safety page provided on the website whereby you can visit and explore the site’s safety tips. You are requested to submit any suspicious activity to the website’s moderators.

Terms and conditions and privacy policy are provided as one of the safety and security measures. The privacy policy provides details on how the website treats members’ data, including collection, storage, use, and sharing with other third parties.

In case of any concerns, members can contact MeetMindful’s staff through a phone call or email to hello@meetmindful.com.

Is MeetMindful a Legit or Scam Service?

MeetMindful is a straightforward legit dating platform. It provides essential services similar to those offered by other dating sites. The website is fully registered to provide services of a dating site.

It requires individuals to provide a valid and verified email address to avoid scammers. However, it cannot lack a few scammers who have different intentions.

This calls for members to be keen on the platform and shun from providing sensitive information such as bank details.

MeetMindful Subscription Types and Price

MeetMindful Review: What To Know

There are two subscription options available for users. These include:

  1. Free membership
  2. Paid membership

Free Membership

Free membership is automatically offered to members upon registration. It is the basic account that provides limited services to users.

Those on free membership can upgrade to a paid membership to enjoy the MeetMindful website’s premium services.

The following are services available on free membership:

  • Registration to the site
  • Creation and modification of profile information
  • Uploading of photos to one’s profile
  • Use of basic search filter
  • Access to available articles on the website
  • Up to 3 likes per day
  • Ten possible match suggestions provided daily
  • Access a list of people who have liked your profile
  • Send limited messages to your connections.

MeetMindful Review: What To Know

A paid membership is available to everyone who wants to upgrade their membership and enjoy most of the services provided. It is available on four plans involving various durations, including 1-week, 1-month, 3-months, and 6-months membership plans depending on your preference. The payments are made by the use of a credit card on the website or the mobile application.

The subscriptions made can be canceled at any time, but you cannot be refunded for the money already paid upon payment.

The services provided on paid membership include the listed below:

  • Unlimited daily matches-you are provided with as many matches as possible daily who can fit your requirements.
  • Freedom to chat with any user-you can chat with anybody, including those you haven’t matched yet.
  • Privacy mode provided-you can turn on the private mode that makes you invisible to those members whom you haven’t connected to. Those you have liked, messaged, and those who have liked you can still see you while you are in the private mode.
  • View others on premium-this enable you to know whoever is on premium membership among your connections and match recommendations. This allows you to distinguish those you can send and have a chance of replying to your messages without matching.
  • Check your likes-you can see those people who have liked your profile.
  • Have unlimited likes-you can like as many profiles as you may want without limitations.
  • Switch to browse mode-this enables you to view many profiles simultaneously and can save profiles to check them later.
  • Personalize your search preferences
  • Get a priority in accessing service from customer support.
  • Reverse the ‘pass’ function-the the pass function is a button available at the bottom of the screen when you are looking for your matches. Once you click on this button, you are not interested in the member listed and can only reverse this decision if you are a premium member.

The subscriptions are available for various durations with payments differing based on the duration decided upon. The longer the duration, the lesser you will have to spend per month in the long-run. The subscription details are described below:

  • One week subscription at $14.00, payable weekly.
  • One month subscription at $29.00, payable monthly
  • Three months subscription at $49.00, payable quarterly
  • Six Months subscription at $79.00, payable half-yearly

Website Design and Usability

MeetMindful Review: What To Know

MeetMindful website uses the current user interface that users of all age categories can enjoy. It has a simple, organized, and easy-to-use design.

It is designed with an appealing color that portrays the mindfulness of others. The appealing color also provides a feel-at-home atmosphere and prevents boredom among the audience.

The space is well-utilized, and everything is available hen browsing. The icons are utilized to represent the pages on the site and are understandable to the audience. All age-groups registered can easily use the website to suit their needs.

MeetMindful Mobile Application

A mobile application is available for free download both on the App Store and Google Play. It is designed to include all features that operate like those on the website version.

However, the mobile version does not look neat like the web version, and the contents look smaller and disorganized due to limited space available. Further, there’s no good experience using the mobile application as it works slowly, and many crashes or freezes are encountered. Despite this, there is an opportunity to improve these features for optimum functioning in the future.

Contact Information

Company: MeetMindful, Inc.

Address: 1444 Wazee St. Suite 130, Denver

Phone-Hotline: 1-866-304-6444

Email: hello@meetmindful.com

Final Conclusion

MeetMindful gives you an excellent opportunity for connecting with thoughtful individuals who are keen on their lifestyles, spirituality, and values for a long-term relationship and friendship. Here, mindful singles come to find their soul mates for serious connections. All individuals with diverse characteristics can easily use and navigate the website due to its simple and easy-to-understand design.

Despite being new, it has growing numbers recorded daily from all over the world. However, it has limited membership, unlike other available dating websites. It favors people of the United States with a lot of traffic and an average of 70% of the audience being from the US. Thus, limited matches are available in this community, but it does not rule out your ability to find your partner.

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