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Mixxxer Review

Mixxxer Review
About Site
Active Audience 84%
Quality Matches 86%
Popular Age 25-45
Profiles 1 650 000
Reply Rate 76%
Ease of Use 8.4
Popularity 9.1
Fraud Very Rarely
Registration Free
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Pros and Cons

  • A lot of active members
  • A lot of active members
  • Can get real contact details
  • Very simple and intuitive interface
  • No distractions
  • Gender ratio unevenly skewed
  • Works only on mobile browsers
  • Ads may get too much

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Mixxxer is an adult dating platform that makes hookups incredibly easy. While this is definitely not the only sex dating site, it does have a couple of differences from most other adult platforms. For starters, it does not restrict users from sharing their personal contact details. So, even though communication over this site is paid, there are plenty of ways to contact people for free. Another key feature of this service is its simple interface with minimum distractions. Since this site targets quick hookups, such a simple functionality can only be appreciated.

But how well does it work, and is it safe to use Mixxxer? After all, there are plenty of adult dating sites that can offer the same or more. Check out the detailed review to discover all Mixxxer features and decide for yourself.

How does it work?

On the whole, Mixxxer is not that different from any other hookup site you have ever seen. People get to register, fill in their profiles, search for matches, and set dates. The only important difference is that this service runs only on mobile browsers. People will not be able to access this site over laptops or desktop computers. Of course, this is not that surprising any longer because most developers target app users rather than desktop ones. But the funny thing about Mixxxer is that it does not have a dedicated app — it is a website, but this website only runs on phones and tablets. This seems a bit strange at first, but on the whole, the system seems to be perfectly functional.

Sign-Up & Login Process

Sign-Up & Login Process

Technically, users can access Mixxxer site over their desktops browsers and even fill in all the necessary information they need to register. Still, the service will not let you log in unless you are on a mobile device. As for the rest, the registration is a breeze and literally takes seconds. First, a person should specify one’s gender. Aside from classic male and female, there is a trans option. Next, Mixxxer presupposes two couple accounts for same-sex or straight couples, respectively.

After that, everything is pretty standard. Users give their date of birth, country of residence, indicate a valid email address, and come up with a Mixxxer password. It is important to indicate a real, 100% functional email because the service will send a verification link to your inbox. Once you click on this confirmation link, you are ready to start browsing the site.

Profile Interface

Like on many other hookup sites, registration on Mixxxer is practically instant. Another similarity is that user accounts are not too detailed. Yet, there is a crucial difference we already mentioned — Mixxxer does not restrict users from posting their contact details directly on their accounts. Typically, users include them in the text box with a few lines about what they are looking for and who should contact them.

More account information includes a user’s distance from you, online status, and intentions with the site. The intention pool is not too vast; fling seems the most popular option here. This, however, is not surprising because that is what Mixxxer was developed for in the first place.

Another great perk is that many accounts have pictures, which gives hope that a user behind this profile is a real person. Most pictures are of rather revealing nature, so make sure you are browsing privately.


Mixxxer does not send anyone match suggestions but offers all users a chance to explore their available search filters. Once again, those are not very extensive because most NSA sites target user location above all else. After all, if a hookup is the end purpose, personal preferences and Zodiac signs are way less important than an actual chance at real-life hookup.

All communication on Mixxxer happens via chat and is only available to the paying users. But, once again, if you are ready to risk it, you can always contact another user personally via the channel they specify in their account descriptions.

If a certain user bothers you, feel free to add them to Blocklist. Another feature is ‘tease,’ and it is quite similar to liking someone else’s profile on a more mainstream dating site. As for the rest, Mixxxer does not have any other features that could stand out. This service is more about speed and simplicity. And it does a great job of both.

Members structure and activities

Users age

Most Mixxxer users are men, with ladies in the obvious minority. Once again, this is not at all surprising for a hookup site. More importantly, it does not mean that men’s chances of getting laid are low here. This service has over 300,000 users in the United States, and a third of those are active every week. This is a very impressive stat implying that Mixxxer community is indeed very active.

Besides, this site does not only work in the US. It also has users from Canada, Australia, Great Britain, Western Europe (France and Germany mostly), and even India. Even though almost 70% of those users are straight men, the chances of finding a great hookup match are still high.

Users Age

Here, Mixxxer falls in line with mainstream dating demographics — at least, if we consider people who prefer dating online. Most users are in their late twenties and early thirties. However, you can find people a bit older or younger than that. But, of course, all users must be 18+ to join. Not that anyone verifies this info, but a teen pic is still a teen pic, and there is no way of hiding your age if you want to get hooked up.

Sexual Preferences

Mixxxer is one of those sites that welcome absolutely all hookup goals and sexual orientations. Anyone will clearly see this even during the registration stage. Even though most users are straight men, trans and gay communities are clearly present on Mixxxer, and it is always refreshing to know that such all-inclusive sites exist. This site also advertises itself as a place for swinger couples.

Race And Ethnicity

Mixxxer does not have a profile graph about users’ ethnicity because that is not their primary focus. Still, given that there are plenty of users in the US alone, and some more from other ethnically-diverse countries, so we assume you should find sex partners of any race here. All in all, your potential partners will be as diverse as the region you live in.

Religious Orientation

Religious Orientation

Clearly, religion is not a primary concern here. Besides, the intimate nature of this site indicates that most users take religion pretty lightly — if they consider it at all. You will not find any graphs about users’ denominations on Mixxxer, even if you were curious to check those out.

Mixxxer dating website features

Mixxxer is a basic barebone site that does not offer any unique features to speak of. Besides, it does not offer too many non-unique features, either. The whole system goes down to registering, uploading a picture of yourself, and adding a few lines of text about what you are looking for. Many use this box to disclose their contact details so that other people could reach out to them outside Mixxxer.

As for the rest, the functionality is surprisingly simplistic in our age of feature-rich dating sites. Users do not even get any match suggestions on Mixxxer. They can, however, search for people or couples in their vicinity. Like most other NSA hookup sites, Mixxxer shows results by location and sexual preferences because those are the only two things that matter for a one-night-stand.

Next, users can chat with each other or send one another a tease. The latter is free, while direct communication via the site is not.

Safety & Security

Like most hookup sites, Mixxxer does not ask users to reveal their identity. People do not need to disclose any sensitive information about themselves, and they can even blur their pictures if they feel like it. Still, Mixxxer does not restrict users from revealing their identities and contact details either, so anyone can do it at their own discretion.

As for the rest, this service’s privacy policy remains pretty standard. Any user data Mixxxer has access to remains on Mixxxer servers and is not shared with any third parties. So, if you used your credit card to pay for communication on the site, for example, your data remains hidden. The same goes for any information users share about themselves, as well as any communication that goes through this site. Tech-wise, everything is pretty solid.

Is Mixxxer Legit or Scam Service?

Is Mixxxer legit or scam service?

This service has a very quick and easy registration process, which certainly attracts scammers. Quite a few fake profiles have been reported on Mixxxer. On the other hand, this is a common thing for most hookup sites. On the whole, this service is legit, but no matter how legit a site may be, it may not guarantee that all of its accounts are authentic. So, use this site at your own discretion. If you decide to share your contact information in the description box, the site will not be held liable for anything that happens after.

The same is true for any real-time dates that happen outside Mixxxer. Like any other adult site, it has its share of unreliable users. On the bright side, this service has a whole blog dedicated to safety dating tips, and you should definitely check it out if you have any concerns.

Subscription types and price

Simplicity is definitely the key characteristic of Mixxxer. Given its basic features, no one would expect complex billing plans. Luckily, this service does not disappoint and offers just two perfectly comprehensive user plans — free and paid one. The latter is simply called ‘Full Access,’ and the name of the plan speaks for itself. But let’s take a look at the free perks first.

Free Membership

Free Mixxxer users can create an account, fill in their details, and search for local people ready to hook up. They can also view other people’s accounts, check out their pics, and even tease them. On the whole, this site makes a great offer because most adult dating sites do not even allow that. Yes, all on-site communication is paid; but let’s not forget important Mixxxer courtesy of allowing users to post their real contact details if they want to.

Paid Mixxxer account, aka Full Access, does offer full access to this site’s features. The latter, however, is not bountiful. Paying users can remove all ads on the site, and send unlimited messages/initiate chats with other users. They also get to see who viewed their profile and can enjoy a limitless blackout list. That’s pretty much it, which is why it is not surprising why so many subscribers do not want to pay any fees and simply reveal their personal contact info to anyone interested.

We, however, suggest you consider getting a paid plan on Mixxxer. Yes, it does not offer much, but it does not cost must either. Besides, revealing your real phone number on a hookup site is not always wise. Technically, you could go with an email you do not use for any other purpose than Mixxxer. That would be wiser, but that would also imply missing out on some potentially exciting hookups.

Right now, Mixxxer offers only two subscription durations — one and three months for $8 and $20, respectively. This is definitely not a high price to pay for privacy, and we suggest you to seriously think about it if you plan to use Mixxxer. Besides, you do not even have to commit to three months and 20 USD. The monthly price difference between those two duration options is just $1 a month, so any user is welcome to go with a monthly plan without any damage to one’s pocket.

Website design and usability

Mixxxer design is as simplistic as its functionality. This may seem a bit strange, given that this site’s primary audience is pretty tech-savvy. On the other hand, this simplicity makes perfect sense because Mixxxer users are not looking for interactivity, but are interested in real action. From this perspective, Mixxxer is very carefully designed.

Website design and usability

This site features a combination of white, black, and pink shades for contrast. These three combined create an edgy and provocative look that contributes to the main idea of this service. Paired with plenty of revealing user photos, the picture is complete.

Navigation-wise, everything is simple and very much intuitive. This site does not have too many functions to begin with. So, finding the ones it offers will never be a problem. All functional elements are conveniently placed in the header and footer menu. User profiles are very responsive, and the whole platform does not seem to have any obvious bugs or glitches. All in all, developers did invest a lot of effort into this product. While it may not be the most feature-rich site, it is still a very functional, nice-to-use platform.

Mobile application

Sadly, Mixxxer does not have a mobile app for any of the devices. This concept is quite confusing because one can only use this site on mobile. However, users are still forced to run it on their mobile browsers. So far, we have not seen any dating service that would feature such a restriction. On the bright side, Mixxxer mobile site is very responsive and carefully designed. Once you get used to the fact that this is a mobile-only website, navigating around the service will not be an issue. It is not yet clear whether developers will come up with a separate app. Still, whatever we have now is 100% functional, even if non-standard.

Contact information

company: Mixxxer

address: n/a

phone: n/a

email: staff@mixxxer.com



Mixxxer is one of the many dating sites for adults looking for an NSA hookup. One of the main reasons to consider this particular platform is its simplicity of use. This site does not have any confusing features and remains basic to its bone. While some may see this as a disadvantage, people looking for a quick hookup should really appreciate such speed and simplicity.

Another crucial thing that makes Mixxxer different from most other dating sites and apps out there is that it gives way more freedom to its users. This is one of the few dating sites that allow people to share their real contact details, and we do appreciate such freedom of choice. Paired with the fact that this site sells subscriptions on internal communication, this is a really generous gesture.

Of course, Mixxxer does not have an enormous user database, especially if compared to some other adult dating sites. On the bright side, the users it has are very active, which compensates for small numbers. Finally, its subscription cost is way below average, so there is no reason not to give Mixxxer monthly subscriptions a try.

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