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Raya Review

Raya Review
About Site
Active Audience 75%
Quality Matches 92%
Popular Age 25-34
Profiles 15
Reply Rate 93%
Ease of Use 9
Popularity 9.3
Fraud Very Rarely
Registration Free
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Pros and Cons

  • The members of the portal are high quality and intriguing people. It is because the members are carefully examined before giving them membership.
  • Raya's membership cost for a month is only $ 7.99, which is a better deal than other pricier exclusive dating apps.
  • It is more than just a dating platform. The members of this platform use it for networking within their industries.
  • Security is the priority of the app. The members do not have to worry about their profile being leaked.
  • The approval of the committee is required to become a member of this platform. Since membership depends on the committee's approval, there is no user pool like Tinder and Bumble.
  • Cities like New York and Los Angeles are known for creative industries. The people who live in such cities will find many users in this area, but the people who don’t live in these cities won’t find many users in their area.
  • The acceptance of membership in the portal depends on the level of Instagram's influence on the people. This raises critics' questions asking what the Instagram following has to do to determine when the person is dateable or not.

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The Raya is a platform where the users need a membership to be a part of it. The committee approves the membership of the portal. It is a dating app that is membership-based. It is a private application that is popular for having popular people as members of the platform. The celebrity users are asked not to mention the site, and the users are warned when they screenshot a profile. It is a dating application for creatives and has a high standards profile. The application is exclusive, so the users have a higher chance of getting the membership when referred by the other members of this site. There are hundreds of people on the committee of the portal across the countries that assess the users’ applications to approve their membership.

How does it work?

The individuals can use the portal only when their membership is approved. The members of the portal have to agree to follow the guidelines. The platform has strict privacy guidelines. The members who screenshot a profile are sent a warning notice that they will be removed from the app if the screenshotted profile pops up online. There is a slideshow of photos in the profiles from the Instagram account, and it is set to a selected song. There are a checkmark and cross icon in the profile. The members can tap the checkmark when they are interested and cross mark when they are not interested. The members can start exchanging messages when both the members express interest.

Raya Review

Sign-Up & Login Process

The sign-up process includes a page that asks for basic information. The individuals have to add basic information such as their first name, last name, email address, date of birth, and gender. The next step is providing Instagram credentials. The third step in the signup process is describing the occupation and career field. The individuals can select up to two industries from the menu. The fourth step is verifying the account via the mobile number. The fifth step is adding the current member from the contact list of the individual. This step includes the current member providing referral for the individual who is signing-up. It is difficult for the individual to get into the app without a referral. The last step is waiting for the Committee to approve the user’s membership.

Profile Interface

The profiles of the Raya website are better for members to look at photos. It has a maximum space for photo surfing. The data that the members will find on the profile is the name, age, and location of the members. The users can tell the app when they like the profile. The app offers the option to switch among the social and work mode. The members can find bonds when they use social mode, whereas they can build better connections when switching to work mode.


To communicate with other members on the portal, the application has a tab showing other nearby members. In addition to this, it has a tab that lists all the messages in one place. The members can send as many messages to the other members as they want to. The matching is done geographically, which is why the location is required at the time of registration. The members can turn their visibility off when they don’t want others to contact them.

Raya Sign-Up & Login Process

Members structure and activities

From the Raya reviews, five thousand of the members are from the United States of America. There are members from other countries, but the majority of the members are from the USA. Two thousand members are active weekly. On this application, 55 percent of the members are men, while 45 percent are women.

Users Age

According to the Raya review, the application has many young members from all around the world. In addition to this, there are some middle-aged to mature members using this application. More men belong to the age range of 25 to 34, followed by the men belonging to the age range 45 to 54. Then, men belonging to the age range of 18 to 24, followed by the men belonging to the age range of 35 to 44 and more than 55+ years. More women belong to the age range of 25 to 34, and the age range is 35 to 44. Then there are women belonging to 18 to 24, the age range 45 to 54, and more than 55+ years.

Sexual Preferences

Most of the people on this platform are straight. There is no restriction on people with any sexual preference to become a member of this site. To become a member of this site, one needs to get approved by the committee of Raya. The committee that approves the membership of the users is anonymous to each other. It includes people of various sexual orientations.

Race And Ethnicity

There is no restriction on people with any race and ethnicity to become a member of this site on Raya website. Once they are given the membership, the members of any race and ethnicity use the site. The committee that approves the membership of the users is from various backgrounds.

Religious Orientation

There is no restriction on people with any religious orientation to become a member of this site. The people with any religious orientation can use the site to build professional connections or friendships and relationships. The Raya committee comprises people with various religious orientations, and they are anonymous to each other.

Raya Members structure and activities

Features of Raya dating website

When the users click on the Raya website, they are asked to download the application available only on the iOS store. The feature offered by this platform is work mode and search mode. The work mode allows the members to find dates working in similar industries and companies like them. This feature allows the members to build professional connections with people who are looking for the same. The social model feature allows the members to find their bonding with other members looking for relationships and friendships. It offers the feature of the chat function, and the members can send messages to other members.

Features of Raya dating website

Safety & Security

The application is a club-membership based app for dating. The application is well-known for having a celebrity as the members of this platform. It is comparatively difficult to get the membership of this platform. This is because the security is taken very seriously on this platform. The committee approves the membership, and only then the members are allowed to use the platform’s service. The members who are denied the membership are put on hold.

The security features are used by the applications to get out profiles the user does not want to see and from entering the platform. The people coming up with fake profiles and bots are prevented from entering the site. The brand abides by the law of countries where they operate. Since the registration procedure of the application is hardest, the scammers are prevented from compromising safety and security.

Is Raya Legit or Scam Application

The Raya website has high-end security. It is a registered provider of online dating services. It operates in several countries and follows the legal regulations of the countries they operate in. There are strict rules that members must follow to be a part of this platform. They cannot be a creep and must maintain strict privacy.

Raya Safety & Security

Subscription types and price

From the Raya reviews, it is found that there is no free membership on this platform. Getting a membership in itself is a very difficult process, and not everyone can get the membership. Only the people who have an Instagram influence can become a member of this site.

Free Membership

The only free services offered by this site is downloading the application. Users can download the application for free on the iOS store. The other free service that the users can get is starting the application process. The users can start an application process to become members of this site for free.

Paying to use the services is the final step of registering for the Raya site. When the users are approved by Raya’s committee to become the members, they are asked to pay the fees as the last step of the application. The cost of a one-month membership is Raya is 9 USD. They can send as many messages as they want to the other members of this site. With a paid membership, the members can browse the other members of this platform. The feature of turning off the app visibility when the users are not in a mood to connect to other members is provided in a paid membership. The members of the Raya website can turn off the visibility when they don’t want others to find them. The payment options for the members are credit cards. They can pay the membership fees of one-month using a credit card.

Raya Subscription types and price

Website design and usability

The Raya website has a simple design. The design is user friendly, and the members can find everything in a single place. It offers features that are simple to use. The navigation of the application is crisp and sharp. Even a non-tech savvy person can easily operate this application. There is a Raya website that answers the questions of the members related to the services and operations.

Raya Website design and usability

Mobile application

The brand offers a website as well as a mobile application. The members can use the mobile application to use the services. The mobile application is only available on the iOS store and offers a simple design. The members can easily navigate on the application and use the services. On the application, the members can navigate the profiles of the other members. They will see the other members’ photos with descriptions such as their name, age, username, what they are looking for, their work, and where they live. The members can either tap on the Checkmark icon or the Crossmark icon displayed with the profile, depending on their interest in this application.

Raya Mobile application

Contact information

The members can contact the customer support of the portal to get in touch. The customer support email id is contact@Rayatheapp.com. The members can get in touch with the team for queries or any other activities. They can send an email on this customer support id to contact the team.

Raya Contact information


The application was launched several years ago to target creative people. Within a few years, the application gained popularity. As of now, the application is used by many movie stars, tech executives, Instagram models, fashion designers, and pro athletes. It has become more like an invitation-only social network. According to the Raya review, the algorithms and committee of Raya evaluate the prospective members of the platform. The factors such as the number of Instagram followers and the number of members who are in contact with the applicant decides whether the applicant will be given membership or not.

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