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Tastebuds review

Tastebuds review
About Site
Active Audience 73%
Quality Matches 90%
Popular Age 18-40
Profiles 4 360 900
Reply Rate 80%
Ease of Use 9
Popularity 9.6
Fraud Very Rarely
Registration Free
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Tastebuds users sign up here as well:

Pros and Cons

  • You can register for free
  • Online Chat
  • Mobile and desktop versions available
  • Amazingly designed website.
  • Instant registration by connecting to your Facebook account
  • Spammers and scammers can be immediately reported
  • Wide choice of music services to which you can connect
  • You can choose the privacy setting for your profile
  • No Android app as for now
  • Money needed to exchange the messages
  • No identity verification
  • Most users in the app are not interested in dating.

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How does it work?

How does it work?

If you are under 18, you will not be able to sign-up. It’s demanded from you to fulfill the minimum age criteria to use the website. After joining, you access the forum where most users are 25-34 years old. Many participants, however, still come from the 18-24 category, which may mean that the app is still prevalent today among the young generation. Anyway, the site makes sure to keep its members away from misleading or fake accounts.

The search criteria on the Tastebuds website include:

  • The Gender
  • The Age
  • Profiles with photos only
  • Online status

An expanded search is also available if you use more technical parameters.

You can use a regional search to find people interested in dating at your place. It’s widely known that couples stay together longer if they have more things in common. This dating site uses matching algorithms to classify users with high levels of similar interests. Tastebuds FM includes the opportunity to block users that may show strange behavior or just spam you. This can be especially beneficial if you get many messages you are not interested in.

What is the Sign-Up & Login Process at Tastebuds?

What is the Sign-Up & Login Process at Tastebuds?

You’ll have to register an account to use TasteBuds, just like any other connecting service you may encounter on the web. The landing page of the website includes a login box. You can use Facebook to sign up quickly or go the other way to fill in the registration page’s details. It won’t take much time. All you need to do is to create a username and password, enter your email address, city, gender, and age, and then click ‘see your music matches.’ You will be sent an email for verification and account confirmation. If you think you will not be able to use the website before registering, well, that’s not the case here. You can quickly get in without verifying your identity. However, you will undergo a 3-step profile development process after signing in. The first step is where your “details” have to be given, which involves your gender, preference, and what you’re up to.

Clicking “next” will take you to the next stage, where you will have to upload your profile photo. You can import your profile photo from your Facebook account or upload it from your device. The third and final step is defining your music preferences, where TasteBuds asks you to tell about the artists you like. You can add your favorite artists manually or take your musical tastes from your Facebook account. After clicking next, you will see a welcoming page, along with a “Get Started” button under the welcome message. Click on ‘Get Started,’ and you’re good to go for your interests. The accounts of other members on the site can be accessed directly.

Till this point of registration, you will notice that you have completed only 60% of your profile. To get a 100 percent full profile, you will have to add some more information:

  • Upload another picture – 5%
  • Add the artist you like – 10%
  • Fill “About me” section – 10%
  • Set a cover image – 10%
  • Send your first message – 5%

If you thought that Taste Buds was just all about music-based interactions, wait until you have to write the “About Me” segment that adds 10% to your profile’s completion status. If you don’t know what to write, you are guided by TasteBuds with questions related to your passion, any musical instrument you are playing, or any greatest gig that you ever went to, etc. So, it is clear that the “About Me” segment is not built to flaunt your beauty or your attractive attributes/personality. Instead, it’s meant to focus more on what you like about music.

You should consider that even without including crucial user details such as age, body shape, race, and more, you can have a 100 percent full profile. There are no lengthy forms to be done to register or complete a profile. Without this data, you obviously will not use other dating sites in the market. Still, TasteBuds thinks that such user information is unnecessary and allows you to have a 100 percent full profile without the specifics.

You can also, however, opt to provide such general user data. You’ll need to go to your user account’s settings. The details you can provide are race, gender, religion, age, height, and relationship status (single, married, or in a relationship). You can also mention who you want to meet (men, women, everyone) and to be associated with the age group of people you find most preferable.

You can answer some more questions in your profile, so other members of TasteBuds can view the answer you’d given. These topics include: how do you spend most of your days, what you’re going to do if you had a million dollars, describe yourself in three words, and more.

Profile interface

Profile interface

You’ll be approximately looking for to make a quick decision about whether to initiate a conversation with a person shown on your screen. Thus, you would want an interface that can give you brief information about who you will be talking to.

TasteBuds’ key selling point is to “meet individuals through music.” And one of its aims is for you to find new people who have the music taste as you do. When you look at a profile, you should see the “music” in the owner of the profile. In other words, the profile owner’s interests should indicate to you the taste they have. Another aim of TasteBuds is for you to “discover new music based on your preferences”. You should be able to discover new kinds of music you may like through communication on the platform.

TasteBuds profiles do well on both fronts. Generally, the interface of the site consists of the following parts:

Profile header: This is a simple profile picture, seen by anyone who views the profile. For free apps, it gets blurred out, just like it happens on other fee-based dating sites. It also includes the profile owner’s username, age, sex, and location. Finally, the header consists of tools of interaction.

The left sidebar has three key sections:

Gallery of images: where you can find a thumbnail of other photos submitted by the user of the profile

Facts about me: where the confidential data that an individual wishes to show is revealed. Details here include: nationality, race, height, preference, status, last online (last logged in time), and the reason for being on the platform.

More matches: which shows profiles similar to the one that you are viewing

Safety buttons: which are used for reporting or blocking profiles that you find suspicious.

Right sidebar: This has numerous tabs that include:

Overview: This is the profile’s section that provides you with an inside look at its owner. The member can pick from multiple questions to answer that will be published in the profile overview section. Some of the items you’ll find here include:

  • An overview segment of the “About…” section called “A little bit about me…” where you can write about yourself and the artists you like
  • “Answer my question” where a user can ask any question that other users can answer as an icebreaker, when checking out the profile.
  • “I spend most of my days…” can help you understand the profile user’s lifestyle.
  • “Me in three words” can help you understand the profile user’s characteristics.

With all the details that the profiles of TasteBuds can show, one can always be sure to have at least a bit of essential information about the profile’s owner. The profile will also allow you to meet individuals who share your interests and help you explore new tunes depending on your music taste. What is more, it will tell you more than just the user’s music preferences as well. The “Facts about me…” segment, for instance, will disclose specific personal data. Often, based on the additional details that the user chooses to use in his/her profile, the overview segment will offer quality insight.

The catchphrase, though, is “what the customer wishes to provide.” Not all areas are considered obligatory by TasteBuds. As stated earlier, even without providing general user details, a profile can be shown as 100% complete.

Thus, these specific profiles can be risky. With the profile header, you’ll find a list of some favorite songs or bands, and nothing more than that. However, you can notice some very comprehensive profiles that provide detailed information about their owners.

How Does It Perform in Matchmaking And Communication?

How Does It Perform in Matchmaking And Communication?

You may want to make contact when you see a profile that suits your interests. You’ll want a good set of tools for contacting and collaboration. Thankfully, in this respect, TasteBud gives amazing opportunities as well.

You can find “send a song” and “send a message” buttons on the right side of any profile header. You can also choose to send the user a song instead of liking a profile that attracts you. Since the profile shows you the people’s tastes in music, it would be better to send a person some music that he or she likes.

Members structure and activities

Members structure and activities

To let you know who you’ll encounter, TasteBuds positions its user base in some groups. Many of these classifications include:

  • Newest. This is a list of TasteBuds participants who have recently registered. You can interact with a fellow newbie if you have just joined the platform.
  • Last Online. This is a list of recently logged in participants. The “Last Online” segment is a decent spot to browse if you don’t want to spend time on inactive users who may have long abandoned their profiles.
  • Most Famous. This is a list of participants whose contributions have made them famous on the website. This may involve adding music frequently, participation in conversations, collecting likes and messages, for example.
  • Goes to many concerts. This is a list of members who are considered to attend music gigs. If you’re trying to have a concert buddy at TasteBuds, this would be a nice section to browse.
  • Matches. This is a list of participants who share the same passion as you do for music. If you want harmony in a relationship with music interests or you want to discover music that you may like, here’s where you need to aim your attention.
  • Top Buds. This is a list of the most suitable matches for you.

Users Age

The minimum age limit for signing up for Tastebuds is 18; you cannot register for the website if your age’s below 18.

Types of People’s Genders and Sexual Orientation On The Site

You can find people with different gender and sexual orientation types as well. After all, who doesn’t like music? You can always set filters according to your preferences.

What about Race and Ethnicity

There are no specific customizations for Race and Ethnicity available at Tastebuds. You can only know about it by a user’s profile if it’s mentioned in the overview section.

Religious Orientation

You may not be able to search users according to their religious orientation as it is not necessary to add such information to your profile on Tastebuds. Music has no religion.

Tastebuds Dating Website Features

Tastebuds Dating Website Features
  • Choose matches based on tastes in music. Try out a comfortable new way to find a friend or date.
  • Keep it up with the trend. Users can “send a mixtape”, “praise the other person’s music taste”, or “serenade” the others, despite the usual ways of saying hello.
  • Like Facebook, users can add and send a message to future matches without feeling obligated to pursue them in a romantic way.

What About Safety & Security?

Although a usual TasteBuds profile contains a lot of user information. However, it’s mainly enjoyable, music-based responses to questions such as “my dream concert would be…” or “my favorite band when I was 13 was…”. The user profile includes your age and city but refrains from revealing your exact location or full name, allowing the user to maintain a sense of space while still being open to what they like.

Is Tastebuds Legit or Scam Service?

Tastebuds is a legit service as far as its interface and functionality are concerned. However, according to the app store version history, the company has not released updates of the app in 2020. Also, few user reviews have commented about the app and date back to 2017 and 2018. This certainly raises questions about the website’s future functionality. We suggest you proceed with caution and use free membership to give it a try.

Subscription Types and Prices

Subscription Types and Prices

You can find two types of subscription service at tastebuds: one is free, and the other is premium.

The pricing of the premium plan is as follows.

  • For 1 Month 10.00 USD / Month
  • For 3 Months 6.66 USD / Month (billed for 3 months at once)
  • For 6 Months 5.00 USD / Month (billed for 6 months at once)

Free Membership

As we discussed, free membership offers basic features like browsing through the website and sending limited messages.

On the other hand, premium membership removes all restrictions and allows you full access to the website, consisting of unlimited messaging, no ads, and hiding your profile when needed.

Website Design and Usability

Overall, the website’s architecture is not that bad. Its appearance is somehow identical to other platforms of social media and casual dating. The main exception is that it has icons related to music everywhere. The loading of a new page is quick. If your internet is fast, it only takes around 3-7 seconds. It’s easy to navigate, and the tools are not that complicated.

Mobile Application

Mobile Application

The positive thing about the mobile app is that it helps you sync your favorite tracks with your Spotify account or iPhone Library. Just by browsing your app’s music library, you can look for people within your area. Sadly, the program is not mobile-friendly at all. If you are using an Android or any other operating system different from IOS, you may not be able to feel all the experience of the TasteBuds mobile app.

Contact information

  • Company: Tastebuds. FM
  • Address: London, England, United Kingdom
  • Phone: N/A
  • Email: hello@tastebuds.fm



Tastebuds focuses on niche segments of users who want to find partners with similar preferences in music. The website has the basic functionality that you can find on any other dating websites. If you want your partner to be literally “into the music”, you can give the service a try, starting with a Free version.

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