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Tinder Review

Tinder Review
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Active Audience 80%
Quality Matches 95%
Popular Age 25-35
Profiles 50 000 000
Reply Rate 95%
Ease of Use 9.7
Popularity 9.5
Fraud Very Rarely
Registration Free
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Pros and Cons

  • Tinder allows freedom. Current statistics show that people tend to communicate online. This way of communication gives you choice: you can decide when to start and when to end the conversation.
  • Apart from Tinder being a safe space for people to find love, it is easy to explore for people of all ages.
  • On Tinder, you know that everyone is interested in dating. Tinder saves people from the old fashioned long process of romantic relationship development. You claim your intentions fairly, and so does everybody else on the platform. And you will know who is interested in you as soon as the match is made.
  • Online dating gives users the advantage of ceasing communication immediately if something went wrong.
  • Tinder is great for users who know what they want. If what you wish is not a serious relationship, do well to put it on your bio, you might be surprised that a lot of people on Tinder share your interest.
  • Tinder is a safe space for people, but it also exposes the users to catfishing and scams.
  • Unfortunately, most of the users on Tinder are not looking for something serious.
  • You might feel less of yourself if you are not getting the right matches.
  • Well, you might be judged as desperate by some people, but the world has changed, so should the mentality.

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Tinder is a popular app for online dating. It has been a new way of finding love since 2012. Tinder allows users to reach people, talking over 20 languages, including English, Spanish, Arabic, Hindi, French, German, Portuguese, Catalan, Czech, Bulgarian, Greek, Italian, and Danish.

The app allows the user to organize the profile. You are expected to upload a picture, write a thing or two about yourself, and what you expect from a match. After you’ve done that, you can start to look at the profiles and like or dislike them by swiping either left or right.

You can’t exchange messages with others until the system confirms your agreement expressed by mutual swiping right. So, if two users find each other attractive, an automatic match is made. From now on you can talk to each other and keep in touch with the person you like.

Tinder Review

How Does It Work?

In 2018, a user may have needed to have a Facebook account before they register on Tinder. It was a disadvantage of Tinder because someone without a Facebook account was discouraged from signing up and logging on Tinder.

This issue was fixed in 2019 when Tinder provided the option of “Login with the Phone Number and Log in with Google.”

Once you have the app, the first thing required is to pass the registration. You can do this by using your phone number, Google, or Facebook account. You can decide to pick anyone.

To register with your phone number, click on Log in with your Phone Number, and follow the instructions. You need to confirm registration by entering the code received on your phone. Soon, you will need to set your profile information, which should be fun and short as possible. You should grant Tinder all the access required for effective use.

You can register with your Google account: tap Log in with Google, pick an account, and create your profile. Allow Tinder the access needed for the smooth running of the app.

You can also use your Facebook profile to log in. Sometimes, the users are required to sign in to their Facebook account first, but this should not bother you because Tinder does not post your activities on the user’s page. Set up your profile and grant Tinder access.

Now that the user’s profile is set, you can anonymously swipe right to like or left to dislike the pictures of users located nearby. The logged-in members are allowed to see other profiles which consist of their names, images, education details, and age (if they choose to share the information with the public).

When the registration is complete, you are allowed to reject another user by swiping left or approve them by swiping right. This idea is based mostly on physical attraction, which is how love in real life starts, but on Tinder you know, the interest is mutual. Tinder does not allow any interaction with other users until there is a match. After this virtual agreement, parties get access to the full information in each other’s profiles. You can have more than one match, so you get a chance to chat with more than one person at the same time. The user’s options are unlimited.

How Does It Work?

Profile Interface

To set up a profile, you need to answer some questions. Some fields should be filled obligatory, put in the basic information, such as Name, Date of Birth, Gender, and education (the last one is optional). You can decide to hide some details from public view, but your age and first name would appear on the profile.

The user can add a maximum of ten photos to the gallery. Each member required to enable the location to use Tinder. This how the platform works: it proposes you to explore profiles of the people you can easily reach offline in a short amount of time. Have a coffee or grab a bite with the person you like and see where it goes.

The user is also required to verify the email address. After verification, you can start swiping to like or dislike pictures. Pay attention to the brilliant option which is called “skip the queue.” This means that the user can choose to be a top profile in their area for 30 minutes to get matches by paying some amount of money.

The user’s profile is a meticulous combination of a picture, name, university, and age. The user can decide to add images, edit their information, or change a setting. The users can see the people that liked their profile, see the number of matches and messages they have. All they just have to do is swipe left or right. The app is simple, easy and fun to use.

The user is allowed to see profiles of people close to their vicinity. Once there is a match, the user will be notified and granted access to send a message to their match. The user can cop as many matches as possible. This allows them access to viewing their matches’ pictures as soon as they upload them. The user can decide to share their contacts with their matches to continue with the journey of love.

Profile Interface


Since it is evidence that everyone country in the world is using Tinder to find love, a member structure is not bad for statistics. All adults (18+) are allowed to use the app. It was recorded that users from the age of 18-25 use the app more because they are not looking for a serious relationship. So, they get lots of matches.

Member Structure And Activities

Users from the age of 25-35 typically want a serious relationship, but they are not really in a rush to swipe just right. There is a restriction on the number of pictures they can like, and they get few matches. The users from the age of 36-49 are very serious. They are ready to swipe some right for marriage, so, again, this age range would be going for three different dates a week just to find the one.

Now, users from the age of 50 above may just use the app to find friendship or something serious.

There are over 50 million Tinder users around the world. It was recorded that out of that 50 million users, about 5.9 million tinder users subscribed and pay for Tinder Plus and Tinder Gold.

Tinder is available for use in 40 languages and is used in 190 countries in the world.

Half of the users on Tinder are active at 9 pm. However, 91% of women like the profile of people they have an attraction for while only 72% of men like a picture because they like it—the rest of the 28% like random pictures. So, men like more pictures than women every hour.

Member Structure

User Age

Any adult can use the Tinder app. This means that people from the age of 18 can use the app to any age. As they say, when it comes to love, age is just a number. However, statistics show that most users between 18-29 use the app for hookups than for the search of a serious relationship. Users from the age of 30-48 are on the app for something serious, while users from the age of 49 upwards want friendship. However, anyone can decide to find love at any age, which is why there is no restriction for Tinder users.

Sexual Preferences

Most people decide to go online to find love after a devastating heartbreak. They just want to find someone new with another mentality and a different atmosphere. In oblivion, they are in search of distractions. These distractions include dates, sex, and other interactions. This is why it may seem like most of the people who use the online dating app are just there for hookups.

So the user is allowed to find out about their match sexual preference in the process of communication. Tinder has nothing to do with users’ sexual lives. However, amid these facts, there are true stories of people who found love on Tinder. Some even found their soul mates on Tinder.

Sexual Preferences

Race And Ethnicity

The option of race and ethnicity does not reflect on the bio or questions asked by Tinder. There are arguments that the app should provide a race and ethnicity option to save them the time of swiping left.

Tinder aims to help you keep your options open. Since a fresh start is what the user seeks, why not give race and ethnicity a break? The user probably just broke up with the same race they are looking to be restricted to on Tinder. Tinder allows users to open their hearts to love from every race.

Nonetheless, if the user doesn’t like a race or ethnicity, they can just swipe left.

Religious Orientation

Since beliefs are one of the criteria for determining common interest, is there any column that asks the users about their religion?

As always, users want to be saved the trouble of finding a match with uncommon interest. There is no column to ask about religion. This is why there is a need to chat with your match for a while to ask them all the questions you need to ask them before you see them.

However, the user is allowed to have their belief or religion upon their bio. Or they are allowed to know more about their religions after a match is made.

Tinder Dating Website Features

Tinder Dating Website Features

If a user is not getting as much match as they want, Tinder offers other packages like Tinder Plus and Tinder Gold to help the user. Tinder plus offers “Unlimited right swipes, Skip the queue, Tinder Boost, Control what you see, Passport to any location, Control your profile, Rewind your last like, Get extra Super likes.” These are all for the user’s satisfaction.

Safety and Security

Users can trust the confidentiality of their messages to their matches on the app. This is because the app is well encrypted. It shares no data with any third party.

Therefore, users are advised about their own safety before they even sign in. Users of the app should pick a public place for dates until they are well acquainted with their matches. Tinder is a legit app, and only the users can be the predators. It is advisable to be smart when using any online platform.

Its privacy policy is well-written, and it showcases how the company behind Tinder focuses on keeping every user safe and secure.

Subscription Types and Prices


The app offers up to three different subscriptions to boost the rate of the user’s search for love.

Free Membership

The membership on Tinder is free, but if the user is not satisfied with the number of matches they get, it is easy for them to pay for affordable subscriptions.

There is the “Skip the queue” subscription. This subscription allows the user’s profile to be a top profile in their area for up to 30 minutes to get matches. There are three different plans for it, and the prices depend on the currency of your location. The prices for the plans are :

  1. 1 Boost – $5.75 each
  2. 5 Boosts- $4.65 each
  3. 10 Boots- $3.79 each

There is the Tinder Gold subscription, which allows the user to see who likes them and match instantly. There are three different plans for this subscription too:

  1. 1 month- $6.53 each
  2. 6 months- $24.82 each
  3. 12 months- $37.10 each

Also, there is the Tinder Plus subscription.

  1. 1 month- $2.35 each
  2. 6 months- $8.10 each
  3. 12 months- $12.28 each

These plans were designed to save costs as the user decides to go higher with their plans.

Paid Membership

Website Design and Usability

The website has a dominant color of white and touches of red as it is the color of love. There is other pop up messages with different other colors. The logo of Tinder is like that of a flame of fire. This is also used to complement the meaning of “Tinder,” which means a material for starting a fire. Fire signifies love here, and the Tinder app is the tool or material to create love. The menus and tabs are easy to find.

The app is straightforward to use. Most of the activity on the app involves swiping and clicking. The users are only required to type when a match is found or when they want to subscribe to a plan.

Mobile Application

The app is designed to present you with what you want and what you think you want. It is an enjoyable app to spend hours on swiping the day away. The demography of the app is for all age range. Everyone can find their somebody on Tinder, just swipe them right or left.

Now, because the app is for all age range, it is an easy-to-use app. All menus and options are readily popping out before the user’s eyes. Love is not so complex, so why should the Tinder app be complex?

The Tinder app is suitable for use at any time for users on any kind of emotional situation.

Tinder is a suitable and well-designed dating platform.

Website Design

Contact information

Company: Match Group, LLC

Address: Tinder Headquarters 8833 Sunset Blvd West Hollywood CA 90069 USA

Phone: 214-853-4309

Email: support@gotinder.com.



If you are tired of the old fashioned way of searching for love, or you just want a fresh start, Tinder is what you need. It provides you with the best matches and offers you can ever dream of. Tinder has been providing people with love fantasies since 2012. So, old, young, middle-aged; what do you want? Swipe up Tinder to your rescue.

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