Connecting Singles Review: Worthy or Not?

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A dating website called Connecting Singles asserts to be completely free to its customers. Besides, the site is famous for its wide range of features. They overstep the limits of the conventional websites for seeking dates and romance. Except for the usual features as texting and liking, Connecting Singles additionally offers the sections for videos, music, game-playing, and poems.

Do these extensive features meet the demands of searching for your true affection; or do they divert your attention because of their huge number? Should you spend your time examining them or they just lead you astray in search of your true love?

There is an outline of the most substantial information that we have collected, so you could consider if you should or should not create a profile on Connecting Singles.

Information about users

Information about users

Users: 50,000 of American residents
Users` activity:10,000 of active members per week
Sex Rate: 60% of females and 40% of males

  • You will have a private account that you could complete
  • Most members post their pictures
  • You can view the entire list of the members of Connecting Singles, using the site now
  • This website is aimed at single people that wish to look for a match using this free website for finding dates
  • Female users are more proactive as compared to men, especially when texting flirting messages
  • Male users are more proactively involved in the rest of the features, for instance, forums.

The society on Connecting Singles is proactive. Also, there is a range of members that use several sites at the same time. Nevertheless, the members of the site usually spend more time using the features that are not connected with dates, namely discussing abstract themes and gaming. The website is full of various features, yet just some of them will work for the purpose of flirting and fixing dates. If you take part in discussions there is a higher chance of being discovered by a potential match rather than using a search or “Matches” button.

Registration process on Connecting Singles

  1. You could log in to Connecting Singles by applying a Facebook profile or email
  2. The information of the website is presented right after you get to the next step of the registration process
  3. You should provide only truthful information, otherwise the profile will be deleted
  4. Please provide accurate information of who you are looking for
  5. Once you sign up to the site, your actions will be monitored

Except for the main data, when registering on Connecting Singles you will be asked to provide some info about yourself. You will find at least three questions. Do not add any private details that could be revealing: name, email, number, postal code, ICQ, and children`s names since it is breaking the law. Information about yourself is supposed to be as a minimum as 50 characters long, so you are only suggested to be honest while giving responses. Also, you are advised to reply exactly to the point, as your answer will impact on finding a suitable match for you.

Communication process on Connecting Singles

  • It is necessary to be on the watch so you could text your potential match.
  • The features of the site include gaming and riddles other than texting servicing.
  • As a result, users are more proactive with the features, such as discussions of abstract topics, rather than texting feature.
  • Online chats are not available on the site.
  • Users usually apply the discussion feature, rather than spending valuable time on private and personal conversations.
  • Texting the members of the site is free of charge for all its users.

Since Connecting Singles needs some time to check whether your profile is real, you should not expect to get messages from its users right after you make a profile. You can even send likes to the users since it is available from the very beginning, yet it is not applied frequently. The most visited and used features on Connecting Singles are widely spread throughout the site, like chats on actual themes, voting, and gaming. It can be seen that the users of Connecting Singles do not familiarize themselves with each other immediately if there is a match with some of them. They might be engaged in other sections of the site since there is a variety of them.

Qualitative aspect of Connecting Singles

Qualitative aspect of Connecting Singles
  • You can view the entire list of pictures on the site.
  • You can view the users` photostream on Connecting Singles.
  • The above-mentioned features show the member`s recent real-time visits.
  • The accounts are not thorough.
  • The users’ data could be altered afterward.
  • The users’ photos can be viewed by all the users without any payment.
  • Your photo books could be posted afterward

The account includes merely the main set of information of a member when registering on Connecting Singles, such as a member`s sex, religious beliefs, specialty, so on. The sections that suggest a range of details are those that resemble essay format on Connecting Singles registration process.

Connecting Singles displays the buttons that allow visitors to communicate with the account holder. These buttons include sending a text or a virtual flower, texting, and finally essential prerequisites. The latter one contains the requirement list that the member owning an account sets to persons that wish to send him a message.

Mobile Application

  • There are a variety of features of the website.
  • There is availability for Android gadget owners.
  • No payment is required to download it.

The Connecting Singles application is as same as a browser that enters by default the mobile version. This app appears to be easy to use as there are many features. Because of that, there is a need of looking for a necessary feature, as there are so many of them.

The process of downloading is quite time-consuming as compared to the rest of the dating applications. In case if you wish to apply the website on the move, you should download it to your phone.

Users Experience

It has been an excellent experience in Connecting Singles since it is always a lot of fun. I have met several like-minded people, but I need some more time to meet my match. We usually chat on topics that we all love discussing, so we do not have any romantic relationships. The site is free of charge, with many features, yet it seems it may be similar to the rest of the social networking websites. I believe that I can find my match here. –Alice, 28

Website Design and Usability

Connecting Singles` upper navigation panel on the work desk is a useful tool to arrange a wide variety of features. The buttons design on the website is understandable and distinct.

In addition, there is a textual outline next to them. After choosing a relevant sign, a clear instruction shows up at the bottom of the feature title, which facilitates its functioning.

Payment process

Payment process

As compared to the rest of the websites designed to seek dates, you should not pay for anything on Connecting Singles. It is free for its members. The following list provides the information you could be interested in:

  • Viewing weblogs and articles
  • Taking part in discussions
  • Surveys among the members
  • Viewing and posting poetry
  • Viewing and posting recipes
  • Making electronic cards
  • Gaming and finding solutions for riddles
  • Viewing videos
  • Listening to songs
  • Getting and sending messages
  • Film recommendations
  • Pictures posting
  • Looking through the members’ profiles
  • Making and participating in groups
  • Making private member’s tag
  • Publishing events for singles
  • Viewing video blogs
  • Availability of “The Top Lists” feature
  • Books that are advised to be read
  • Solving puzzles

The website checks if the profile is real from the time its registration during the whole day, so several features as electronic cards, events and group activities are not accessible.

The features of Connecting Singles

There are many features which revive the process of using Connecting Singles during the time you are expecting to meet the most suitable match:

Accounts labels

Members label their accounts on Connecting Singles with the help of various operative words, so they facilitate the interaction with the members that are interested in the same activities.

Events for singles

You could arrange an event on Connecting Singles with your match and show a specific direction to group gatherings.


Viewing, leaving opinion or posting your notes on Connecting Singles.


This section is an excellent platform to learn about users, establishing friendship globally and to make discussions starting with a sexual relationship and going out to politics and actual events.


Blogging on Connecting Singles is an excellent platform to convey your thoughts, spread the valuable experience, share poems; otherwise, you can just publish a text about your daily routine.

Assessing pictures

The main purpose of assessing pictures is to unite the members that haven’t met their matches yet.

Electronic cards

After meeting each other and learning more about one another, you might desire to send to a member an electronic card of Connecting Singles. Also, you can also apply the Birthday List to send cards to celebrate an event.

Presenting flowers

Attend the Connecting Singles flower market and choose a flower, besides, pick a congratulation text from the offered options; you can also devise your text.


You may vote on many themes, alternatively, make a publication of your inquiries to ask the members of the site.


The users of Connecting Singles have published several excellent videos so you could watch or comment on them. If you have your great video or perhaps you created it on YouTube, there is an excellent opportunity for you. The video that you post on Connecting Singles can be downloaded on your account of the website, so its members could view and leave a comment.

The day of birth

The members that celebrate their birthdays are listed on the Connecting Singles throughout seven days. The members who viewed your profile on Connecting Singles Be aware of the users who viewed your account.


Are you a gambler? Connecting Singles offers you an ability to play numerous great free interactive gaming.


This is an excellent platform to make posts of poems that you have created and receive an evaluation from the like-minded community of authors from the site.

Songs, Films, Books

A person’s hobbies and things one likes to provide are important about an individual. Post the songs that you enjoy listening to on Connecting Singles, the films you encourage to watch and some information you have found in the books that you read.

Puzzles and Testing

Pass amusing testing on a fascinating testing section or make your puzzles on Connecting Singles.

Accounts Overviews

Are you curious about what people think about your account and the details that you have provided about yourself?


There are groups for users that have similar convictions, hobbies, or origin, a platform where they can talk about their thoughts and converse about what they like.

Listing to 10 greatest

Completing and developing the above-mentioned features let other people know about them.


The website is truthful about the assertion of the qualitative aspect of its members, yet it may take some time to find a match. The site is full of interesting features, yet several of them have a connection with dating. The features of Connecting Singles appear to distract people`s attention, rather than making romantic relationships. It has been great in establishing an Internet society on Connecting Singles, which does not have a sufficient amount of dating atmosphere.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it possible to be banned on Connecting Singles society?

If you misbehave on the site you might be banned on the site.

Is it possible to ban other users?

You can click on the block button, so they will not be able to contact you again.

Is it possible to conceal my profile on Connecting Singles?

You can do so by entering your profile and choosing the button to conceal your profile.

How come the “Like” sign does not show up from a few members?

This feature on Connecting Singles is not displayed when an account`s sex is inappropriate or deleted. You can send a text.